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Legends of Runeterra: Call of the Mountain Patch Notes 1.8

Legends of Runeterra: Call of the Mountain Patch Notes 1.8
General info
  • Cards updates
  • Personalization
  • Ranked rewards and new season
  • Expeditions
  • Other info

Patch 1.8 is now available in Legends of Runeterra, along with the Call of the Mountain expansion. Find out all the new features of this patch in this article.

Legends of Runeterra: Call of the Mountain Patch Notes 1.8

The Call of the Mountain expansion has arrived in Legends of Runeterra, featuring the all-new Targon region, 89 collectible cards, including 7 champions, new features and new content. Test new champions and strategies in the New Lab: Discover Targon, or forge your own route to the top of the mountain!

The patch will be accessible on August 26 at approximately 11 AM PT

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  • Personalization: page 3
  • Ranked rewards and new season: page 4
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  • Other info: page 6

New expansion: Call of the Mountain

Call of the Mountain marks the start of a new rhythm of card release every two months, as well as a set of three expansions that revolve around the new Targon region.

Legends of Runeterra
  • New region: Targon

  • New cards

51 new collectible cards for the Targon region, including champions Leona, Diana, Aurelion Sol and Taric. The remaining 38 cards are spread among the existing regions, and specifically between the Freljord, Ionia and the Dark Isles. The new champions for these regions are Trundle, Lulu, and Nocturne.

The next two expansions will arrive in October and December, each offering 40 cards including 3 champions. When the third expansion comes out and the Call of the Mountain set is complete, all regions (including Targon) will have the same number of champions and roughly the same number of cards.

New lab:

In this preconstructed Lab, choose one of 6 decks packed with new cards and strategies from Targon.

Legends of Runeterra
  • Friends Forever: Bring your Support units to the fore as you overcome your foes with the power of friendship!
  • Crystalline Strength: Combine Noxian forces with Targonian buffs to Overwhelm your enemies and secure victory.
  • Blaze Of Glory: Dazzle your opponent with an unrelenting assault from your Daybreak units.
  • Align The Stars: Unleash the power of Targon's Dragons and Celestial units as you find your destiny in the stars.
  • Lurking Darkness: Evade and outmaneuver your opponents with the power of Nightfall.
  • Star Ramp: Harness the Freljord's natural magic as you accelerate towards Targon's game-ending threats!

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