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Fortnite Update and Patch Notes 14.40

Fortnite Update and Patch Notes 14.40

A short introduction to update 14.40 patch notes is available. All the changes and new features contained in the update can be found in this article.

Fortnite Update and Patch Notes 14.40

The 14.40 patch is probably one of the most consequent of this season of Fortnite. All the Halloween novelties for this year are concentrated in it. A real breath of fresh air after a month of flat calm on the Battle Royale by Epic Games.

The plot around Galactus and Marvel superheroes takes a back seat for about ten days. Make way for the Fortnitemares!

Work in progress!

Epic Games hasn't released a full official patch note for v14.40. We're doing our best to collect the news and summarize it for you in this article.

Arsenal updates

Fortnite's charge shotgun vaulted in update 14.40

Fortnite's update 14.40 has vaulted the charge shotgun from the game — a decision that could herald the return of another shotgun.

Witch Broom

• Found in barrels on some haunted spots on the map.
• Allows you to fly short distances.

Pumpkin Rocket Launcher

• Cosmetic variants of the Rocket Launcher can now be found at the Authority.

Fiend Hunter Crossbow

• Damage: 40
• Fire Rate: 1.8
• Damage multiplied by 4 against demons.
• Magazine Size: 7
• Reload Time: 2.5s

Midas' Revenge

Don’t let the tomb hold you back from haunting the living. After being eliminated in Solo, Duos, or Squads, return to battle as a Shadow for your shot at a Nitemare Royale. Join fellow Shadows to defeat survivors by using your otherworldly abilities, like possessing the body of vehicles…

Midas prepares his revenge in Fortnite for Halloween

Fortnitemares are back! This year's Halloween festivities will have Midas as its herald, returning from a previous season and determined to dominate the Authority

Fortnitemares updates

  • Candy Buckets are scattered on the map, and if you break them open you will find different types of candy.
  • There are Witch's Huts in different areas on the map where you can find Broom Buckets.
  • The game lobby transforms itself into a Halloween-themed area.

Fortnitemares challenges

Win exclusive rewards with Fortnite Fortnitemares challenges

The Fortnitemares challenges will allow you to explore the new features of Fortnite v14.40, while winning exclusive rewards.

Bug fixes

  • The Honey Hitters pickaxe has been disabled, this will hopefully be fixed in the update.
  • The inventory in Team Rumble is still currently shuffling whenever you respawn. This is very annoying, but there is a workaround that you can do where you drop all the items and pick them up in the order you'd like them to be in. However, this appears to be scheduled to be fixed in this update.
  • Doctor Doom's Mystical Bomb has been disabled, and will hopefully be fixed.
  • An issue that is causing vehicle buttons to appear missing on mobile.
  • Silver/Gold foil style variants for Mystique and Doctor Doom may appear with a black texture on Nintendo Switch.

Original content by Romain "Zorg" Becquelin.

Clémence LEMOAL
Clémence "Idril" Lemoal

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