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Capcom Cup 2020 will take place on February 2020, and Luffy is the last qualified player

Capcom Cup 2020 will take place on February 2020, and Luffy is the last qualified player

Despite the efforts of the Brazilian community, Luffy will participate at Capcom Cup 2020 from February 19 to 21. The Street Fighter V Finals will take place for the first time in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Capcom Cup 2020 will take place on February 2020, and Luffy is the last qualified player

With 35,149 votes the Parisian still had a comfortable lead over his first two pursuers, the Brazilian Zenith (26,966 votes) and the Japanese legend Tokido (11,161 votes). Luffy will reunite with big names like Daigo and Xian, as well as less anticipated players like Rumours and Nephew. The venue announcement made people happy, as three players will play at home: Caba, DrMandrake and 2017 Capcom Cup winner MenaRD. This announcement also satisfy the former champion, who has worked enormously to promote Street Fighter V in the Dominican Republic, as well as to highlight the Dominican community internationally by organizing several tournaments. Street Fighter League finals will also take place on site.

Capcom Cup and Street Fighter League Finals trailer

This will therefore be Luffy's seventh participation in the Capcom Cup. In addition to R. Mika's player, European community will also be able to root for British Problem X, as well as Belgian Takamura, Norwegian Phenom, and Emirati AngryBird, all winners of a qualifying stage concerning the old continent and Middle -East. American community will probably cheer for Nephew, Samurai or Smug.

However, with this good news comes a small disappointment. Street Fighter V producer Shuhei Matsumoto communicated in a video that COVID-19 has hampered the development of season 5, and that the roadmap may not be fully respected even if the teams will do everything which is possible for the new characters to come out on time. As for Dan, his release is still scheduled for this winter, during Capcom Cup finals.

With 2 months straight, players will have time to prepare. The pandemic could however complicate the situation in the event of confinement in different countries, whether for players preparation, because they will need to train offline, or for a travel ban is things are going worse. However, other esport events took place this year, and there is no reason that the Capcom Cup will have a different fate.

Luffy: "2021 will be one of my biggest career challenges "

First Westerner to win the EVO Open Tournament on Street Fighter, Luffy has been one of the best SFV players since the Capcom game's release. He'll talk about his 2020 competitive year.



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