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League of Legends Patch 11.10 is here, and here is the patch note rundown

League of Legends Patch 11.10 is here, and here is the patch note rundown

The latest patch includes the controversial Jungle changes, and the Kog'Maw VFX update.

League of Legends Patch 11.10 is here, and here is the patch note rundown

The next League of Legends patch is here, bringing changes to the Jungle.


(Passive) Traveller's Call is having the base damage lowered by 10. This is to help lower his early power without affecting his roam identity.


(E) Apprehend cooldown increased at all levels, growing at later levels. A slight increase of 2 seconds at Rank 1, but increased by 6 seconds at Rank 5.

This is base cooldown, so Ability Haste, which is a core part of his build, will likely offset some of these changes.


(W) Shield of Durand is having the cooldown flattened, now staying at a flat 18 seconds, instead of scaling from 18 to 16 seconds.

The Magic Damage shield it gives is also being decreased, down to 15% of his maximum health at max rank.


Jinx has been on top of the marksman tier list for a while, her base armor is being lowered slightly, and the damage from her (R) Super Mega Death Rocket! is being capped at 1000 (AoE at 800) against epic monsters.


Katarina is having her roaming prowess reduced to help handle her power, her base movement speed is being reduced by 5.


Kayle is getting some sizeable buffs to her (Passive) Divine Ascent.

The Aflame AP ratio is being increased to 25%, and then at level 16 her Transcendent bonus attack range is being doubled; so 625 range total.

A bugfix will also mean her fire waves will apply Muramana's Shock properly.


Kennen is having the damage from his (W) Electrical Surge passive increased, The base damage is being increased by 10 at all ranks, and will now scale with 25% of AP.

With some of the new items, I fully expect that this could mean a return to on-hit Kennen.


Lux is being buffed a little, with more damage and a better scaling on her (E) Lucent Singularity. This will help her waveclear Mid, or her poke as Support.


In a similar way to how Prowler's Claw was changed last patch, her (E) Permafrost is having its targeting updated.

"250 for all targets -> Prioritizes champions within 50 of cursor, then non-champions within 50 of cursor, then champions within 350 of cursor, then closest unit to cursor within 2500 (this only applies if there is no target directly under your cursor"


A small change to the AD ratio on his (Q) Noxian Diplomacy, down to 100%.


Thresh is still be attacked with the nerf hammer, this time base health is being reduced while the growth is being increased to offset. The hope is to have him more vulnerable to all-ins early in the game.


Base damage on (Q) Prowling Projectile increased by 10 at all levels, and increased by 15 for empowered damage.


Cooldown on (W) Rampant Growth is being reduced by 2 seconds at all levels, allowing her to plant more plants.

More importantly, the slow on her Vine Lashers is being increased to 30%. This may cause a rise in Support Zyra once more.

PROJECT skins announced for League of Legends

New skins are coming for six Champions, plus a Prestige Edition skin for Sylas

Abyssal Mask

Overlooked in most games, the mask is having some more power put into it to make it seem more viable.

Health increased to 400, Unmake damage increased to 15%, and Unmake duration increased to 5 seconds.


Goredrinker got nerfed after it dominated the meta, the active will now heal more based on missing health.

Guinsoo's Rageblade

Guinsoo's is having its price reduced to 900g, to allow it to be a more affordable option for Champions to buy early on.


The stacks will come quick, but will generally do a little less damage. Each stack will give 3% bonus damage rather than 2%, but will max out after 3 stacks (9%) rather than 5 stacks (10%).

Bearers will also gain stacks from being in combat, so now includes taking damage from enemy Champions, rather than only when dealing damage to Champions.

Phase Rush

Phase Rush generally dominates high level play, mostly due to the safety its movement speed can bring.

The cooldown will now scale based on level, meaning its is doubled in the early game so for in lane. Now 30-10 seconds, rather than a flat 15.

The movement speed is also being nerfed at early levels, lowered to 30%-60% for melee and 15%-40% for ranged.

11.10 League of Legends Patch Preview, showing changes to the Jungle

The new patch brings some small nerfs, but a few buffs especially to some AP Support Champions. The main topic is the changes to the Jungle, which has caused some controversy as Riot try to make the role more accessible.

The Jungle changes are meant to help those with less experience in the role, taking away the reliance on pathing and the PvE experience.

Camps will respawn a little slower, and the respawn indicator will glow a little later. This will make pathing more forgiving, as well as making the indicators more precise. Comeback experience is coming back too. To offset the longer respawns, camps will give more Gold.

Smite will no longer scale with level, but instead do a flat 450 damage at base, and then doubled to 900 after the Smite quest is completed. Smite will now also break Scuttle's shield, as well as crowd control.

Smite will now heal for a larger portion of maximum health, but the omnivamp on Jungle Items is being reduced. To help offset this, all Jungle Camps are having their attack damage reduced, so they will deal less damage.

The intent isn’t so that a strategy is born out of the comeback mechanism, but instead to limit the number of games that feel truly out of hand due to a struggling Jungler with no path to recover.

To round out the patch, there are a host of bugfixes, as well as the VFX update to Kog'Maw.

The Arcana skins will also be released this patch.

Preview of the Arcana skins coming to League of Legends

The Arcana skins were announced last week, and they're now being added to the PBE so we can get a better look at their models.

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