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League of Legends give details on mobility changes coming in Patch 11.13

League of Legends give details on mobility changes coming in Patch 11.13

Riot Games are looking to curb mobility in League of Legends, reducing movement speed coming from items. We've been given the numbers they're working to, so we can see how much they're tackling the issue in patch 11.13.

League of Legends give details on mobility changes coming in Patch 11.13

Mark Yetter has given his final Patch Preview before moving teams, and it gives us a look at all the changes coming to mobility in League of Legends.

To start with is a huge overhaul to Stridebreaker. The item will no longer act as a dash for its user, instead applying a stronger slow; now becoming a reflection of Goredrinker.

Halting Slash, which is the Active, won't dash the unit anymore, but can now be cast while moving. The damage ratio is being increased to be 100% of total AD.

The item will now become an Area of Effect slow item, with the Active's slow being increased to 90%, decaying to 40% over 3 seconds; a huge rise from the current 40% slow, decaying over 2 seconds. Furthermore, the cooldown is being decreased by 5 seconds, down to 15 seconds.

The Passive, Heroic Gait, will also be getting a decrease to its move speed, now only grant 20 Move Speed, instead of 30, when the bearer deals physical damage.

There are a number of smaller changes to its stats, with increased health but a slight decrease on Attack Damage. The Mythic Passive will now grant 2% Move Speed per Legendary Item, rather than 3%. - League of Legends

Galeforce will follow suit, granting 2% Move Speed as its Mythic Passive, reduced fom 3%.

Prowler's Claw will gain an increased cooldown on its active, which can now only target enemy Champions instead of any enemy unit. The Lethality stat is also being decreased, so it is a total nerf across the board, instead of adjusting power into other areas.

Trinity Force is also gaining reduced On-Hit Move Speed, dropping from 25 to 20. This power is being put into the Attack Damage, with it being raised from 30 to 35.

Shurelya's Battlesong is being nerfed too, with the Active now giving a flat 30% Move Speed to allies, down from 60% decaying to 30%.

Lucian and Lillia are the next League of Legends Champions to get major changes

Citing Lucian's power as a flex pick, and dominance in the Mid lane, Riot developers have talked about how and why they're looking at changing Lucian and Lillia.

The rest of the adjustments are just to Legendary Items, but still have a fair amount of changes.

Cosmic Drive will now grant a flat 20 Movement Speed, currently is a scaling 10-30. However, it will grant a little extra Ability Power.

The Nimbus Cloak Rune will grant a little less maximum Movement Speed. It scales based on the Summoner Spell cooldown, and the maximum threshold will now only grant 25% Move Speed instead of 35%.

Lich Bane will grant 2% less Movement Speed, but 5 more Ability Power. Black Cleaver will give more health, up to 450, but the Move Speed per stack of Carve is being lowered to 3; it will now grant 18 Move Speed at max stacks, down from 30. Dead Man's Plate's charge time is being halved to 4 seconds, but the Maximum Move Speed is being lowered from 60 to 40. To round it out, Death's Dance will heal more on Champion Takedown, but will no longer grant a burst of Move Speed.

Patch 11.13 is due for release onto live servers next week, and will bring the new items, Anathema's Chains and Hullbreaker, as well as the rework to Tahm Kench.

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League of Legends 11.13 Patch Preview

The next patch is due to deploy next week, and will bring new items as well as nerfs to mobility. This League of Legends patch is focused on system reworks, so not many Champion changes.

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