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WoW Classic: Jokerd Claims World First Level 60 with Mage AoE Build

WoW Classic: Jokerd Claims World First Level 60 with Mage AoE Build

We have our first Level 60! Jokerd, a Gnome Mage on Mograine-EU, has won the race to World First Level 60 after a frantic 72-hour period of levelling! Congratulations from all of us here at Millenium! Learn more about how he accomplished this feat and the build which made it all possible.

He's done it: Jokerd is the first player in the world to reach Level 60! Jokerd accomplished this in around 3 days and 5 hours in-game time between the release of WoW Classic on Tuesday August 27, 6PM ET and Wednesday 30, 2:40PM ET. He made use of numerous tips and strategies to greatly accelerate his levelling, one them being his build: the AoE Mage build.

It's interesting to note that more than 300,000 viewers watched Jokerd during the home stretch, which made up half of the total viewers for World of Warcraft on Twitch at the time!

What is the AoE Build?

The concept behind it is very simple: the Mage aggros a lot of creatures who can only attack in melee range, then abuses what their class does best — frequently slowing and kiting their enemies. This is possible through using Frost Nova when they get too close, then slowing and damaging them with Blizzard before finishing them off with Cone of Cold. This strategy can be used repeatedly to reach Level 60. Say goodbye to questing avoidable travelling and say hello to grinding!

Being incredibly efficient, this build is the most widely used by Classic speedlevellers. You can find a more detailed version of our take on the build below in our Mage Leveling Guide:

World of Warcraft: Classic

This less greedy version of the AoE build is widely known. Though it won't let you level as fast as Jokerd by itself, it will significantly speed up your leveling. This build is one of, if not the biggest, benefits of being a Mage in Classic.

Congratulations to Jokerd for his accomplishment!

Jokerd's Best Twitch Clips

The final ding!
The triumphant return to Stormwind
It's an invasion

Channel the Arcane — Mage Levelling Guide

We've put together a comprehensive guide to show you the best way to level your Mage from 1-60 that covers Talents, Rotations, Stats, Weapons, and Addons.

Written by Laerezh, Translated from the French by Millenium.

Millenium Rédaction

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