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Legends of Runeterra Guide: Our Exodia Barrier deck

Legends of Runeterra Guide: Our Exodia Barrier deck

Fiora alone is a win condition in Legends of Runeterra. Allied with Shen, she could very well wreak havoc on your opponents. The idea is simple: control your opponent, protect the champion of Demacia and win the game in a flash.

Legends of Runeterra Guide: Our Exodia Barrier deck

The Legends of Runeterra meta is still a bit fuzzy at this early stage of the open beta, and we'd like you to discover some interesting decklists or those that are performing on the still nascent ladder. The Fiora-Shen deck is somewhat similar to the Exodia deck from Yu-gi-oh! or the old version of the Hearthstone Mage Quest, since it allows you to kill in a single turn.

How does it work? Simply thanks to Fiora's Level 2 effect: if she kills two units without dying, you automatically win.

Fiora Barrier

Code :


Regions: Demacia + Ionia

Champions : Fiora + Shen

Legends of Runeterra

As in the version below, two objectives can be met to win the game. The most obvious one, and the one that will hold the majority of the opponent's attention, is the one based on Fiora, which asks you to kill 4 enemies and survive. To do this, you will have access to a large array of different shields and buffs, as well as cards such as Single Combat. If the game really lends itself to it, one of your finishers will be Judgement, in combination with Fiora, which will allow you to kill several cards at once.

You should also consider that anything that works with Fiora is good for the rest of your units. This way, you will be able to take interesting trades very easily thanks to all your barrier gear. You'll also be able to take victory thanks to your Shadow Assassins and their Elusive ability. If your opponent can't block them, you'll have a great chance to win.

Fiora Barrier OTK


Regions: Demacia + Ionia

Champions : Fiora + Shen

Legends of Runeterra

The concept here is quite simple: your first game plan, and the most obvious to your opponent, will be OTK with the help of Fiora. To do this, nothing could be simpler: all you need to do is to protect her for a long enough time from the opponent's damage, with the help of Shen's Barrier — which he puts on the ally he Supports — but also with all the protection spells presents in the deck. There are no less than 15 cards that give Barrier in the deck, which also synergizes with Greenglare Caretaker for the earlygame.

With all these protections, you should have a definite advantage on the board, at least during your attack phases. During the blocking phase, you will need to protect your Fiora from possible Challenger creatures using the same tools. Finally, still from an OTK perspective, Judgement will most of the time be lethal when played on Fiora. Ideally, you want to make her attack along with one or two other Challenger units (Laurent Chevalier, Fleetfeather Tracker or Yusari) to force opposing creatures to block, and then you can cast Judgement on her. It will then destroy many opposing units, and even more if you have given her Riposte before.

If the OTK game plan doesn't really work, nothing is lost. Shen's level 2 passive puts good pressure on the opponent who knows that you play a lot of Barriers, and therefore a lot of +3/+0 buffs. A strong strike force which is not to be neglected and which can really surprise.

Patch 0.8.3 notes: Three new Guardians to play with!

The first patch of Legends of Runterra open beta doesn't bring that much to the game — except three new guardians and the schedule for the following update cycles.

Jérémie Mathis

Associate Editor - MGG FR

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