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WoW Classic: Arcane Mage Guide

WoW Classic: Arcane Mage Guide

For the Patch 1.12 of WoW Classic, we propose to you to discover the complete guide of the Arcane Mage. Talents, Rotation, Statistics, Equipment and Trades are explained to you.

WoW Classic: Arcane Mage Guide

Arcane Mage in WoW Classic is the forgotten spec, mostly used by Fire Mages to get PoM, but you might find a surprisingly strong spec inside.

Tier S (PvE) Tier B (PvP)

The Arcane Mage is an excellent caster mainly dedicated to raids because they're weak in other situations such as instances and PvP. Until the arrival of Zul Gurub and even Ahn Qiraj, it is the dominant specialization as Fire Mage can't do damage in MC and BWL due to fire damage. Most Mages play Arcane in Raids, while a handful are assigned to play Frost especially with the excellent synergy between these two specializations, one applying Winter's Cold and the other taking advantage of it to inflict maximum damage with raw damage oriented talents.

Excellent in PVE
Consistant damage
Good mobility
Great group utility
High mana usage
Wears cloth
Limited utility in PvP
Lacks survivability


Arcane Power Build 31/0/20 - World of Warcraft: Classic
Arcane Power Build 31/0/20

This build is the burst version of the Winter's Chill Frost Mage. Indeed, while the latter focuses on applying the chill debuff on the primary target and is usually played only by one Mage per raid, all other Mages are probably playing the Arcane Power Build to benefit both from Winter's Chill and the Arcane only spells Arcane Power and Arcane Instability, among others, for the sole purpose of inflicting maximum damage.

On the other hand, the operation is exactly the same as the Winter Cold Frost Mage, so it might seem redundant to play.

Stats to prioritize

Intelligence = Spell Damage> Critical Spell Strike> Hit> Spell Penetration (PvP)> Spirit> Stamina

Rotation and abilities

This is not a joke: the rotation of the Frost Mage/Arcane Mage in raid is limited to launching Frostbolt until the boss is dead. Your only role is to have mana so you can cast Frost spells and apply Winter's Cold to improve the damage of other raid Mages, nothing more. Frostbolt from start to finish, that's all. The only addition for Arcane Mage is Arcane Power, which helps apply stacks faster.

Arcane Power

Arcane Power

Arcane Power is the flagship talent of Arcane Mage at Patch 1.12. Especially when used to apply stacks of Winter's Cold on the boss. Arcane Power is undoubtedly one of the most powerful burst talents.

Best Race For Arcane Mage



The Berserker is rather powerful for Arcane, it makes Troll one of the best races if you plan to play Arcane. Special mention for Beast Slaying which is useful for leveling or farming.


The real interest of the Undead, besides his incredible style, is the Will of the Forsaken which is excellent in PvP. Apart from that, Cannibalism is interesting in levelling. The only interest they have in PvE is that they have a base of slightly more points of Intelligence and Spirit than other races.



If there is one race to remember, both in PvE and PvP, for Fire Mage, it is this one. Expansive Mind has no equal even on the Horde in PvP as in PvE, Escape Artist is an obvious asset in PvP and, if you follow our professions advice, Specialization (Engineering) is excellent.


The Human has serious assets making it potentially better than the Orc depending on the chosen build: Diplomacy is also great when grinding reputation, and Perception is very useful in PvP.

WoW Classic: Race Tier List

World of Warcraft: Classic has a number of races to choose from, and making that choice has long-term consequences. You don't want to regret your choice later, so we've broken down the races in our tier list for WoW: Classic.



The Engineer is the best choice by default as it's great in both PvE and PvP. From Goblin Sapper Charge to the Arcanite Dragonling to the Dense Dynamite, everything about this role will always be useful!


If you do not opt ​​for Engineering, then the Enchanting profession will certainly delight you since it will allow you to make your own enchantments by disenchanting the items you get on the way and in raids/dungeons, but also the ones you make for yourself from Tailoring.


Tailoring is a must-have for the Mage: it allows you to craft pre-raid armour pieces of unparalleled power, including the Robe of the Void. This is the quintessential profession of the Warlock.

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