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WoW Classic: Fire Mage Guide

WoW Classic: Fire Mage Guide

For the Patch 1.12 of WoW Classic, we propose to you to discover the complete guide of the Fire Mage. Talents, Rotation, Statistics, Equipment and Trades are explained to you.

WoW Classic: Fire Mage Guide

Fire Mage in WoW Classic is the spark that lights the way for casters, arguably the best caster spec in the game

Tier S (PvE) Tier A (PvP)

The Fire Mage is an excellent caster, especially in PvE but with real assets in PvP as well. Unfortunately, until the arrival of Zul Gurub and Ahn Qiraj its utility in PvE is limited only to instances and PvP, the bosses and creatures of MC and BWL being resistant to fire spells you will prefer to take a Frost Mage or Arcane, that's obvious.

In PvP, the Elemental Build combines the strengths of Frost and Fire, as such it's without a doubt the most popular of the PvP Fire specializations, although the build known as PoM Pyro also wreaks havoc on the Battlegrounds, especially when it comes to killing a flag carrier!

Excellent in PVE (excluding MC and BWL)
Pyroblast is incredibly satisfying to use
Impressive solo and AoE DMG
Good mobility
Good group utility
Uses a lot of mana
Wearing cloth makes them easy to kill
Useless in PvE untill AQ raid


Improved Scorch PvE 17/31/3 - World of Warcraft: Classic
Improved Scorch PvE 17/31/3

This build is very similar to the Frost Mage Winter's Cold build : your role is to apply 5 Improved Scorch stacks to the main target (usually the raid boss) to benefit the entire raid, then simply cast as many Fireballs as possible until the boss dies.

Note: Of course, at the moment this build is absolutely not viable since the bosses and creatures of MC and BWL are resistant to fire damage. But this build works once Zul Gurub is added!

PoM Pyro PvP 21/30/0 - World of Warcraft: Classic
PoM Pyro PvP 21/30/0
Elemental PvP 0/30/21 - World of Warcraft: Classic
Elemental PvP 0/30/21

The PoM Pyro Build focuses on the synergy between the monstrous Presence of Mind and Pyroblast. Take a look at the PvP priority order below to understand why this build is so daunting, especially in 1v1.

The Elemental Build is more reserved but no less powerful. While the PoM Pyro Build focuses on the quick, almost instantaneous execution of a target every 3 minutes, the Elemental Build is more consistent and offers greater opportunities in teamfight or solo vs. multiple targets.

Stats to prioritize

Spell Power> Cap (10% Cap)> Critical Spell Strike> Spell Penetration (PvP)> Intelligence> Stamina

Rotation and abilities


  • Cast Scorch 5 times to apply Improved Scorch,
  • Throw Fireballs during the entire fight,
  • Never launch a Fireball on a target who will die in less than 10 seconds, always prefer Scorch in this case,


There is no real PvP rotation. However, it is interesting to note that the famous " Polymorph, Pyroblast, Fire Blast, Blast Wave " is a great way to defeat an enemy with no trinket or defensive CD.

For PoM Pyro players, take advantage of the abilities by casting a Pyroblast after your Polymortph, then Presence of Mind, and a new Instant Pyroblast that should annihilate your opponent in a fraction of a second. Especially against flag bearers!



Combustion is the Fire Mage's flagship offensive CD, and its operation is very simple: use it as soon as possible, your critical strike chance with fire spells will be increased by 10% each time you hit a target with a fire spell. This effect has no time limit, it stops simply when you have made 3 critical hits.

Ice Block

Ice Block

Ice Block is one of the Frost Mage flagship spells and is only accessible to Fire Mage's who play PvP builds. It allows you to become immune against all damage for 10 seconds but prevents you from moving or casting other spells during this time. Very powerful in case of too much raid damage, or if your opponent becomes too powerful.

Note: In PvP, do not use it with only 15 Hp left, your target will be happy to wait until the end of the spell to end you. Try to use it when your opponent uses a big offensive CD.

Best Race For Fire Mage



The Berserker is rather powerful for Fire. Special mention for racial Beast Slaying that is useful in leveling or farming.


The real interest of the Undead, besides his incredible style, is the Will of the Forsaken which is excellent in PvP. Apart from that, Cannibalism is interesting in levelling. The only interest they have in PvE is that they have a base of slightly more points of Intelligence and Spirit than other races.



If there is one race to remember, both in PvE and PvP, for Fire Mage, it is this one. Expansive Mind has no equal even on the Horde in PvP as in PvE, Escape Artist is an obvious asset in PvP and, if you follow our professions advice, Specialization (Engineering) is excellent.


The Human has serious assets making it potentially better than the Orc depending on the chosen build: Diplomacy is a great racial when grinding reputation, and Perception is very useful in PvP, especially when Rogue is so strong against Mage.

WoW Classic: Race Tier List

World of Warcraft: Classic has a number of races to choose from, and making that choice has long-term consequences. You don't want to regret your choice later, so we've broken down the races in our tier list for WoW: Classic.



The Engineer is the best choice by default as it's great in both PvE and PvP. From Goblin Sapper Charge to the Arcanite Dragonling to the Dense Dynamite, everything about this role will always be useful!


If you do not opt ​​for Engineering, then the Enchanting profession will certainly delight you since it will allow you to make your own enchantments by disenchanting the items you get on the way and in raids/dungeons, but also the ones you make for yourself from Tailoring.


Tailoring is a must-have for the Mage: it allows you to craft pre-raid armour pieces of unparalleled power, including the Robe of the Void. This is the quintessential profession of the Warlock.

WoW Classic: Mage Class Guide

World of Warcraft: Classic guide to the Mage class. We take a look at all 3 specs, whether DPSing with Frost, DPSing with Fire or even DPSing with Arcane — if you play a Mage, you'll be throwing a lot of magic about. We give you an overview below.

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