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WoW Classic: Discipline Priest Guide

WoW Classic: Discipline Priest Guide

For the Patch 1.12 of WoW Classic, we propose to you to discover the complete guide of the Discipline Priest. Talents, Rotation, Statistics, Equipment and Trades are explained to you.

WoW Classic: Discipline Priest Guide

Discipline Priest in WoW Classic is the weird middle child, it does the Shadow Priests debuffing job (but not as well) and it can PvE heal, just not as well as Holy. It does, however, dominate in PvP

Tier A (PvE) Tier S (PvP)

The Discipline Priest is the hybrid: able to DPS opponents and heal allies at the same time, making it particularly formidable in PvP. Unfortunately, they have big mana problems in high-level PvE in progression and is therefore often left out in favour of Holy Priests until the content is on farm. Note, however, that the Discipline build 31/0/20 is mandatory in each raid for the passive Shadow Weaving it grants, allowing you increase the DPS of the Warlocks of the raid.

In PvP, the Discipline Priest differentiates themself from the other Healing Specializations by its ability to purge opponents permanently and to DPS effectively while keeping allies alive without much difficulty. They are THE healer in PvP.

Good in PvE
Excellent in PvP
Can do good DPS
Group utility
Unique spells for each race
Must have spec if you raid alongside Warlocks
Lacks mobility
When healing and DPSing both are done so at a much lesser rate
Big mana problems
High skillcap


Shadow Weave 31/0/20 - World of Warcraft: Classic
Shadow Weave 31/0/20

The Shadow Weave Build is part of the mandatory builds in each raid has because they buff the DPS from other classes, in this case, it is the Warlock benifactor. Only one Priest per raid should be assigned to this build, and its role will be limited more or less to casting Mind Flay Rank 1 in order to achieve 5 Shadow Weave stacks, then heal normally while launching a Mind Blast Rank 1 every 10 to 12 seconds to keep the Shadow Weave active. In addition to this powerful buff, they also has Power Infusion that they must cast on the strongest caster of the raid in order to significantly increase DPS, usually a Mage. This is a specialization that is quite difficult to play and should only be assigned to the most seasoned priests.

Stats to prioritize

Healing Power> Spirit> Mana every 5 seconds> Intelligence> Critical Spell Strike> Spell Damage> Stamina

Spell Priority

There is no priority, strictly speaking, as a healer. However, here are the spells you should use as well as in what situations. Respect the rank of each proposed spell, mana is a real problem for WoW Classic, using a lower rank spell allows you to save mana without sacrificing healing.

Prayer of Healing: Do not overdo it, it is a very expensive spell. Use the different ranks of this spell to heal the entire group if it has suffered too much damage (do not use Rank 5 while the group has lost 10% HP for example).
Power Word:Shield: Use this spell only in anticipation of significant damage to a target, usually the Tank. Always use the maximum rank of this spell.
Greater Heal: This is your heal in anticipation of heavy damage. If you know that a target will take heavy damage, pre-cast this spell to raise the target's health at the same time that it takes damage. Prefer Rank 3 for most cases, and Rank 5 for really monumental damage.
Flash Heal: Only Rank 7 of this spell will be helpful. Throw it as soon as a target suffers unexpectedly large damage, but do not spam it, or you'll end up OOM fast.
Holy Nova: Very effective in raising the health of your group but requires a good positioning. Always use the maximum rank.
Renew: Very useful when you have to move, always use the maximum rank of this spell.
Heal: This is your main healing spell, you can spam without much fear of being OOM.

Shadow Weaving Build <<<DISC ONLY

With the Shadow Weave Build presented above, keep in mind the advice you've been given while adding the following priority order:

Mind Flay (Rank 1) to channel on the main target until they have 5 stacks of Shadow Weave,
Mind Blast (Rank 1) every 10 to 12 seconds so as not to lose Shadow Weave Stacks on the primary target,

Traditional healing by following the advice provided previously.

Power Infusion

Power Infusion

Power Infusion is one of the main assets of Discipline Priest as it allows them to significantly increase the damage of one of the caster. Always favor the one with the most DPS, for obvious reasons.

Prayer of Fortitude

Prayer of Fortitude

The Prayer of Fortitude is the same as Power Word: Fortitude but on an entire group and therefore makes the Priest indispensable in any type of content. This is a considerable time and mana gain, especially in raids, but it has a slight cost: a sacred candle per cast.

Prayer of Spirit

Prayer of Spirit

The Spirit Prayer is the equivalent of the Divine Spirit but on the whole group and therefore makes the Priest indispensable especially in raids. This is a considerable time and mana gain, especially in raids, but it has a slight cost: a sacred candle per cast.

Best Race For Discipline Priest



The real interest of the Undead is the Will of the Forsaken which is excellent in PvP. Apart from that, Cannibalism is interesting in levelling. The only interest they have in PvE is that they have a base of slightly more points of Intelligence and Spirit than other races.

Priest unique skills: Devouring Plague and Touch of Weakness.


The Berserker is rather powerful for Disc, it makes Troll one of the best races if you plan to play Priest. Special mention for Beast Slaying which is useful for leveling or farming.

Priest unique skills: Hex of Weakness and Shadowguard



The Dwarf's Stoneform is a serious asset in PvP, especially against Rogues. Frost Resistance is also great against your nemesis: the Frost Mage.

Priest unique skills: Fear Ward and Desperate Prayer


The Human has serious assets making it potentially better than the Orc depending on the chosen build:Diplomacy is also great when grinding reputation, and Perception is very usefull in PvP.

Priest unique skills: Desperate Prayer and Feedback

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If you do not opt ​​for Engineering, then the Enchanting profession will certainly delight you since it will allow you to make your own enchantments by disenchanting the items you get on the way and in raids/dungeons, but also the ones you make for yourself from Tailoring.


The Engineer is the best choice by default as it's great in both PvE and PvP. From Goblin Sapper Charge to the Arcanite Dragonling to the Dense Dynamite, everything about this role will always be useful!


Tailoring is a must-have for the Mage: it allows you to craft pre-raid armour pieces of unparalleled power, including the Robe of the Void. This is the quintessential profession of the Warlock.

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