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WoW Classic: Quel'Serrar, guide

WoW Classic: Quel'Serrar, guide

Quel'Serrar is one of the most mythical weapons in World of Warcraft, introduced during WoW Classic. Discover our complete guide dedicated to obtaining The High Blade, one of the best swords for Tank of the game.

WoW Classic: Quel'Serrar, guide

Quel'Serrar is one of the most legendary weapons of WoW Classic since being one of the best, besides the Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker of course, for the Warriors and Paladins Tanks. However, it remains rather simple to acquire since only needing to venture to Hache-tripes and the Den of Onyxia to be obtained.

Who can get Quel'Serrar?

In total, 2 classes can wear and use Quel'Serrar:



In order to get this incredible-looking mythical sword, players will have to be lucky to find a book with Haste-guts and use it to forge the sword from an unfinished elven blade using including flames of the fearsome Onyxia, at her lair, to heat the metal. Here is the step-by-step procedure:

Step 1: Find the Dagharn Guide

The first step of your epic is to go to Haste -tripes, in Feralas, to get there The Foror's Compendium. This item can be randomly obtained by killing the bosses of each of the Haste-guts wings, or by opening A Dusty Tome appearing randomly in any wing of the instance.

World of Warcraft: Classic

Overall, the chances of getting Foror's Compendium are very low. However, know that it is possible to trade and sell it to the auction house, so keep an eye on it in case it appears (at a ridiculous price if you're lucky)!

Once the guide is in your possession, accept the quest he offers, Foror's Compendium, and meet with Lorekeeper Lydros at the West heart Athenaeum.

To get there, know that this is the location of the West End's final boss, Prince Tortheldrin, and you need the Crescent Key to gain access. It is also possible to get there by North Hache-tripes, with the Crescent Key also, following the shortcut indicated below ( credits image: Wowhead ).

World of Warcraft: Classic

In order to get the Crescent Key, all you have to do is go to East Haste - Tripes and play Pusilin's little game, chase him to finally kill him and get the coveted key.

Once the quest Foror's Compendium has been completed, return to Lorekeeper Lydros, you will receive A Dull and Flat Eleven Blade, starting the Forging of Quel'Serrar quest.

Step 2: Forge Quel'Serrar

After a brief discussion with Lorekeeper Lydros, he will offer you the second part of your final quest: Forging Quel' Serrar. He will also offer you an Unfired Ancient Blade and invite you to go to the Lair of Onyxia for the next events.


Unfired Ancient Blade can be used anywhere in Azeroth and its use is unique. If you put it in the wrong place or fail the next steps, you will need to go back to the Lorekeeper Lydros to get a new blade and start Step 2 of this guide again.

Once at Onyxia's Lair, fight your way to the boss room and engage her.

Objective: to place the Unfired Ancient Blade in front of Onyxia during Phase 3 (after she has landed) and wait for her to breathe fire. Simply place the blade just behind the Tank and it will do.

Important note: The breath required to complete your quest is the one launched regularly by Onyxia after landing and reaches 30% health. This is not the Flame Breath of Phase 1 or the Breath of Phase 2!

What the Unfired Ancient Blade looks like - World of Warcraft: Classic
What the Unfired Ancient Blade looks like

Once Onyxia has lit your blade, a new object will replace the blade you laid on the ground. Pick it up immediately, you will then get the Heated Ancient Blade.

All you have to do is kill Onyxia, and use the blade from your inventory by targeting the brood mother's body to get the Old Tempered Blade. Be brisk, Onyxia can be skinned which makes her body disappear, so make sure to get to her body quick!

Finally, return to the Lorekeeper Lydros, turn in the quest and enjoy your reward: Quel' Serrar.

World of Warcraft: Classic

Congratulations to those who managed to obtain this prestigious sword, and good luck to those who are trying their luck!

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