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WoW Classic: Cenarion Circle Reputation Guide

WoW Classic: Cenarion Circle Reputation Guide

The Cenarion Circle is a Faction in World of Warcraft Classic. This guide will cover how you can increase your reputation and receive rewards with this faction.

WoW Classic: Cenarion Circle Reputation Guide

The Cenarion Circle are a faction in World of Warcraft Classic. Players increase their reputation with this faction by turning in quests. Druids can find members of the Cenarion Circle in Nighthaven,in Moonglade. Other classes can find members of this faction in Silithus, at Fort Cenarion.

Reputation in WoW Classic

Exalted: Allows players to access specific interactions (typically buying mounts)

Revered: Allows players to access additional quests and items

Honoured: Allows players to receive a 10% discount from vendors

Friendly: Starting reputation for Allied Factions

Neutral: Starting reputation for General Factions

Your starting reputation for most factions will be neutral, but this may vary. You should remember that increasing your reputation with a faction will allow you to buy additional formulas and gear from their vendors. What matters is your reputation, not your character level.

A Brief History Of...

The Cenarion Circle is an organisation composed of Tauren and Night Elf Druids, Trolls, and Worgens. Their faction is named after the demi-god, Cenarius, who is not only a founding member of the Circle, but also serves as the father to all Druids. Presently, the headquarters of the Cenarion Circle is located in Nighthaven, in Moonglade.

Moonglade - World of Warcraft: Classic

Building Reputation with the Cenarion Circle

In World of Warcraft Classic, there are several different ways to grind reputation points. Here is a list of the different ways you can build reputation with the Cenarion Circle:

  • Kill Twilight Cultists, which rewards players with 1 Rep each until Honoured
  • Kill Twilight Flamereavers, which rewards players with 1 Rep each until Revered
  • Kill mobs and bosses in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj and the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
  • Turn in the following repeatable quests:
  1. Field Duty
  2. Encrypted Twilight Texts
  3. Volunteer's Battlegear (must be Friendly)
  4. Veteran's Battlegear (must be Honoured)
  5. Stalwart's Battlegear (must be Revered)
  6. Champion's Battlegear (must be Exalted)

Cenarion Rewards


Pattern: Bramblewood Belt

Pattern: Cenarion Herb Bag

Pattern: Sandstalker Bracers

Pattern: Spitfire Bracers

Pattern: Sylvan Shoulders

Plans: Heavy Obsidian Belt

Plans: Ironvine Belt

Formula: Enchant Cloak - Greater Fire Resistance


Pattern: Bramblewood Boots

Pattern: Sandstalker Gauntlets

Pattern: Spitfire Gauntlets

Pattern: Sylvan Crown

Plans: Ironvine Gloves

Plans: Light Obsidian Belt

Formula: Enchant Cloak - Greater Nature Resistance


Pattern: Bramblewood Helm

Pattern: Gaea's Embrace

Pattern: Sandstalker Breastplate

Pattern: Satchel of Cenarius

Pattern: Spitfire Breastplate

Pattern: Sylvan Vest

Plans: Ironvine Breastplate

Plans: Jagged Obsidian Shield


Pattern: Dreamscale Breastplate

Plans: Obsidian Mail Tunic

We hope that this guide will help you attain a good reputation with the Cenarion Circle!


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