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WoW Classic: A level 10 clear Deadmines with Explosive Sheep!

WoW Classic: A level 10 clear Deadmines with Explosive Sheep!

Exehn, a WoW Classic player, recently published a video in which he clears Deadmines with a Level 10 Thief and Explosive Sheep!

In a video published recently on Reddit, Exehn shows his feat on WoW Classic: clearing all creatures of the boat at the end of the Deadmines alone with his Thief level 10.

To survive such an impressive amount of creatures, Exehn endowed his character with a total of 107% Dodge. Thus, it was absolutely impossible for him to be hit by a melee attack unless it came from his back. It is for this reason that he places his back to a wall, preventing enemies from coming behind him.

To reach such a high dodge score, Exehn used several bonuses:

  • Quickness, the racial trait of the Night Elves which gives him 1% Dodge
  • Spirit of Zandalar, a 15% bonus to all statistics
  • Gift of Friendship: Darnassus, an item increasing Agility by 30
  • Elixir of Minor Agility, a potion increasing Agility by 4
  • Multiple enchantments on all of his gear

All of these bonuses thus gave him enough Agility to increase his Dodge in an excessive way and thus make him invulnerable to all melee attacks given that they come from the front.

In addition, one of his playmates, Suyalus, a level 60 Gnome Mage, served as bait to group all of the creatures near the exit of the Deadmines.

Finally, his friend Mage let himself die in order to let Exehn reveal the full extent of his Engineer arsenal: ten Explosive Sheep! It only took him about 1 minute and 26 seconds to annihilate all these enemies.

Note: He also had to raise his Engineering to 150 to be able to create and use these Explosive Sheep. An additional investment.

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