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WoW Classic: World First Ragnaros claimed by APES

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WoW Classic: World First Ragnaros claimed by APES

Ragnaros falls at the hands of APES, a guild that has trained for years on private servers — catching Method unawares in their quest for the World First in Classic.

WoW Classic: World First Ragnaros claimed by APES

Ragnaros never truly posed a challenge for APES, who — having cut their teeth on private servers — completed the first raid in WoW Classic, Molten Core, without any trouble at all.

The roster, likely consisting of long-time veterans of the game, was even comprised of players who were not max level, with 15 out of 40 raiders being between Level 56 and 59. Yet APES were still able to down Ragnaros with astonishing speed, despite being underlevelled and undergeared.

After the down, moO_UK, the streamer and Raid Leader, said "This wasn't an achievement. We've played on private servers for 5 years and completed MC more than 200 times. The real achievement was managing to stay awake for long enough to kill the bosses so quickly"

This World First, after a single attempt, is evocative of a quote from the developers months ago,

"Don't return to Classic for the challenge, come back for the Classic Experience".

They were right; Classic isn't as hard as Retail, something which is proven by this down just four days after launch.

Regardless of any debate on the difficulty of their conquest, APES have managed an incredible achievement.

WoW Classic: How to enter the Molten Core raid

The first available WoW Classic (1.12) raid is the Molten Core. To gain access, you must complete a specific quest. Use our guide to complete this quest in the most effective way and enter the Molten Core!

Written by Tyler, Translated from the French by Millenium.

Millenium Rédaction

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