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Valorant LVL Clash 2: G2 wins another European title

Another stage of the Valorant Ignition Series occured. Organised by LVL Global, the tournament had seen 16 invited European teams compete to win €15,000. Once again it was G2 Esports that won the competition.

Dignitas moves to Valorant and recruits Homeless

Dignitas is the last big American Esports organization to move to Valorant. If it took its time to do so, it still has recruited an interesting roster that has already proven itself on the competitive circuit.

Cloud 9 introduces Valorant team in Korea

Cloud 9 has put together an ambitious Valorant team that intends to play the leading roles in American tournaments. It has also decided to form a Korean roster to tackle the Asian competitive scene.

Wallbang calculation in Valorant is debated

In Valorant it's possible to wallbang, i.e. shoot through elements of the scenery to hit an enemy. However, the community is wondering about approximate calculations.

The story of Valorant's Glitchpop skins

Glitchpop skins arrived at the same time as Act 2 in Valorant. These colourful skins were very popular with the community, but where did this idea come from? The developers in charge of the project tell us about it in a dedicated post.

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