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Kurinnaxx & Rajaxx - WoW Classic: Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj Raid Guide (AQ20)

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WoW Classic: Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj Raid Guide (AQ20)
Kurinnaxx & Rajaxx
  • General Information
  • Optional Bosses: Moam, Buru, & Ayamiss
  • Ossirian
  • Class Tomes, Professions, Class Quests

The First Boss


Abilities: Enrage, Mortal Wound, Summon Player, Thrash, Wide Slash, Sand Trap,

Location: In the Scarab Terrace (1)

Type: Silithid

Kurinnaxx is the first boss you'll come across in AQ20. In addition to Thrash and Wide Slash, you should pay attention to Mortal Wound, which quickly stacks on the target. Therefore, you should tank swap when the main tank receives around 4-6 Wound debuffs. Your raid should also pay attention to Sand Trap, which will inflict 2,00 damage when it explodes, silencing all nearby targets and reducing their accuracy by 75% for 20 seconds.

Kurinnaxx will Enrage at 30% HP, and as this effect will last until he is defeated, it's primordial that you finish him off before he kills your tank.



Vestments of the Shifting Sands

Qiraji Sacrificial Dagger

Belt of the Inquisition

Belt of the Sand Reaver

Raid Quests


Quest Giver


The Perfect Poison

Dirk Thunderwood

Cenarion Hold

The Second Boss

General Rajaxx

Abilities: Disarm, Enrage, Thundercrash

Location: In the General's Terrace (2)

Type: Humanoid


You'll have to talk to Lieutenant General Andorov to start this fight. He and his unit of four Kaldorei Elites will then help you fight Rajaxx, as well as the waves of enemies that precede him.

Before you can actually fight the boss, you'll have to survive seven waves of enemies, each consisting of Swarmguard Needlers, Qiraji Warriors, and a mini boss. You should Polymorph the mini boss so that you can first focus down the Needlers, and then the Warriors. Make the most of your roots, stuns, and fears to take control of the encounter, while your tanks preoccupy the majority of the mobs. Once all other creatures are dead, finish off the mini boss and ready yourselves for the next wave. Make sure to conserve your mana throughout.

Once you've seen off all seven waves, General Rajaxx will appear and your raid, alongside any surviving NPCs (it's a great idea heal them and keep them alive!), may begin to fight the boss. Rajaxx will use Disarm on your tank in addition to Thundercrash, which reduces all the current health of all players by 50% each time.



Manslayer of the Qiraji

Boots of the Vanguard

Southwind's Grasp

Bracers of Qiraji Command

  • General Information
  • Kurinnaxx & Rajaxx
  • Optional Bosses: Moam, Buru, & Ayamiss
  • Ossirian
  • Class Tomes, Professions, Class Quests

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