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Optional Bosses: Moam, Buru, & Ayamiss - WoW Classic: Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj Raid Guide (AQ20)

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WoW Classic: Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj Raid Guide (AQ20)
Optional Bosses: Moam, Buru, & Ayamiss
  • General Information
  • Kurinnaxx & Rajaxx
  • Ossirian
  • Class Tomes, Professions, Class Quests

The Third Boss


Abilities: Drain Mana, Arcane Eruption, Stoneform, Summon Mana Fiend, Trample

Location: In the Reservoir (3)

Type: Elemental


Moam should be tanked as far from the rest of the raid as possible, facing the latter due to Arcane Eruption, which launches and deals heavy damage to all players in range when the boss reaches full mana. To prevent your players from succumbing to this deadly attack, your entire raid should focus on draining his mana. However, Moam must be defeated quickly, as he will drain mana from your players and will also summon three Mana Fiends after 90 seconds.



Gauntlets of the Immovable

Talon of Furious Concentration

Dustwind Turban

Thick Silithid Chestguard

The Fourth Boss

Buru the Gorger

Abilities: Dismember, Creeping Plague, Full Speed

Location: In The Hatchery (4)

Type: Silithid


In order to defeat Buru, your raid must act with close coordination. This boss doesn't take much damage, and should be mostly ignored by players. This fight will begin when you hit one of the eggs in the room. The boss will target a random player, who should position themselves in front of an egg to force Buru to run through it while the rest of the raid destroys it. Once the egg bursts open, it will hatch an elite that much be focused by all players, besides the boss' target, who must position themselves in front of an egg to repeat this process. Each egg Buru hatches will cause him to lose 45,000 HP. In essence, you'll have to use whats in the room to weaken the boss.

It's highly important that you are not hit by Buru, as this will increase his movement speed, and even morseo that you do not attack him (remove all Thorns and Retribution Auras).

As soon as Buru reaches 20% HP, all players should focus down the boss, who himself will attack players randomly, while the your tank occupies themselves with the remaining adds. In addition, Buru will release a Creeping Plauge that affects all players in your raid group.



Buru's Skull Fragment

Slimy Scaled Gauntlets

Gloves of the Swarm

The Fifth Boss

Ayamiss the Hunter

Abilities: Poison Stinger, Lash, Enrage, Stinger Spray, Paralyze, Thrash

Location: In the Comb (5)

Type: Beast


The Ayamiss fight can be split into two phases. Ayamiss begins the fight in the air, above the altar. The caster with the highest threat will play the role of the tank for this phase, while the rest of the casters focus the boss. At certain intervals, larvae will appear to the left and right of the altar. All melee classes should focus them down before they reach the top of the structure, otherwise they will kill a player instantly.

In addition, during the airborne phase, Ayamiss will use Poison Stinger on a single target, and Stinger Spray to inflict nature damage on the entire raid.

At 70% HP, the boss will land and your tanks should immediately begin pulling it towards the top of the altar, where it can be focused while your raid watches out for the grubs. If a Paralysed player dies, an elite will spawn, which must be tanked away from the rest of the raid. In addition, several low-hp adds will spawn throughout this phase. These mobs can be killed by a simple Arcane Explosion.



Bow of Taut Sinew

Stinger of Ayamiss

Gauntlets of the Immovable

  • General Information
  • Kurinnaxx & Rajaxx
  • Optional Bosses: Moam, Buru, & Ayamiss
  • Ossirian
  • Class Tomes, Professions, Class Quests

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