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Razorgore & Velastrasz - WoW Classic: Blackwing Lair Raid Guide

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WoW Classic: Blackwing Lair Raid Guide
Razorgore & Velastrasz
  • General Information
  • Path & Lashlayer
  • Mobs & Firemaw
  • Ebonroc & Flamegor
  • Chromaggus
  • Nefarain
  • Raid Sets, Professions

The First Boss


Abilities: Fireball, War Stomp, Conflagration, Cleave, Warming Flames, Summon Player, Fireball Volley

Location: In the Halls of Strife (1)

Type: Dragonkin


Though this is just the first boss of the raid, Razorgore and his arsenal of spells should not be underestimated. This fight takes place in two phases: the first under Mind Control, and the second where the boss must be focused.

Phase 1

A large room filled with eggs separates the right platform, on which the boss can be found, and the left platform, which holds three orcs around an orb. A tank must use the orb to Mind Control the boss for this entire phase. The boss uses a multitude of different spells to defend itself (Fireball, Cleave, War Stomp) and to destroy the eggs (Warming Flames).

Razorgore must survive the entire phase whilst the rest of the raid cares care of the arriving Orcs and Dragonkin. The DPS must focus on the Orcs while your tanks deal with the Dragonkins.

After the final egg explodes, Razorgore will enrage, sending Orc and Dragonkin alike flooding from the room and starting Phase 2

Phase 2

Maddened by rage, the boss will automatically go to the tank controlling the orb. The entire raid will have to be as far as possible away from the boss and out of line of sight to avoid both War Stomp and Fireball Volley.

Melee classes should stay behind the boss whereas off-tanks should position themselves on the flank of the boss to pick up the aggro as soon as the tank with the highest threat is hit by Conflagration.

Razorgore can't be taunted, so give your tanks plenty of time to build threat to avoid pulling aggro and wiping your entire raid.



Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal

The Untamed Blade


The Black Book

Arcane Infused Gem

The Second Boss

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

Abilities: Burning Adrenaline, Cleave, Essence of the Red, Tail Sweep, Fire Nova, Flame Breath

Location: In the Halls of Strife (2)

Type: Dragonkin


Though Valeastrasz is only the second boss you'll come across, he's one of the most complex, and serves as a rude awakening for your players. The boss starts the fight with 30% HP, which is a warning for how strong his DPS is. Like all dragons, the only players who should be in front of the boss are the tanks (when it is their respective turn). This prevents other players being damaged with Cleave and Flame Breath. You can also avoid taking damage from Tail Sweep by making sure no one is positioned directly behind the boss.

For the duration of the combat, all players will receive a 3 minute buff, Essence of the Red, which continuously restores your mana, energy, and rage. This buff will allow you to spam your spells as much as you want without worrying about running out of mana. However, the boss will cast Burning Adrenaline on random targets, which will force the target to distance themselves far from the rage. While under the effects of the buff, damage done is increased by 100% for 20 seconds, however once it expires, the buff will finish off the player and any nearby allies. This damage can't be prevented by Ice Block or Divine Protection.

Finally, pay close attention to your threat throughout the fight to prevent the un-tauntable Vaelastrasz from running though the room and breathing on the entire raid, even moreso when buffed by Burning Adrenaline.



Mind Quickening Gem

Rune of Metamorphosis

Red Dragonscale Protector

Pendant of the Fallen Dragon

Dragonfang Blade

Helm of Endless Rage

Raid Quests


Quest Giver


Nefarius's Corruption

Red Scepter Shard

Blackwing Lair

  • General Information
  • Razorgore & Velastrasz
  • Path & Lashlayer
  • Mobs & Firemaw
  • Ebonroc & Flamegor
  • Chromaggus
  • Nefarain
  • Raid Sets, Professions

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