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Mobs & Firemaw - WoW Classic: Blackwing Lair Raid Guide

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WoW Classic: Blackwing Lair Raid Guide
Mobs & Firemaw
  • General Information
  • Razorgore & Velastrasz
  • Path & Lashlayer
  • Ebonroc & Flamegor
  • Chromaggus
  • Nefarain
  • Raid Sets, Professions


Killing Broodlord Lashlayer will open the gate to the rest of instance. There, you'll come across a room full of creatures containing:

  • Blackwing Warlocks: These two should be killed straight away, as in addition to casting Shadow Bolt Volley and Rain of Fire, they can summon portals that spawn Felguard Elites.
  • Blackwing Technicians: You'll come across between 5 and 7 of these mobs, who must CC'd as much as possible with Ice Nova, Polymorph, Blind, or slows. They should be focused once you've killed the Warlocks due to the damage their Bombs can deal.
  • Death Talon Overseers: Inflicts heavy damage; the main target for casters.
  • Blackwing Spellbinders: Deals massive magic damage; the main target for melee classes. May Polymorph random players
  • Death Talon Wyrmguard: Generally travelling in packs of three, they must be separated from the raid as far as possible, as their War Stomp deals heavy damage to melee classes and stuns all players in range. In addition, they will most likely cast Enveloping Winds on your tanks, which is a 10 second stun that can't be dispelled. Your raid should have an off-tank on hand in case your main tank loses aggro. Finally, each Wyrmguard is weak to a different random Element (Fire, Frost, Shadow, Nature, Arcane). Tanks should use Free Action Potions to prevent being stunned by their Stomp or Winds as much as possible.



Ringo's Blizzard Boots

Boots of Pure Thought

Cloak of Draconian Might

Doom's Edge

Band of Band Dominion

The Fourth Boss


Abilities: Shadow Flame, Summon Player, Wing Buffet, Thrash, Flame Buffet

Location: In the Crimson Laboratories (4)

Type: Dragonkin


Firemaw patrols between the upper and lower floors of the Laboratory and should be engaged when at his closest point to the gate. You should also equip your Onxyia Scale Cloaks to reduce damage taken.

You'll find that two tanks will come in handy for this fight, as the first will tank for almost all of the encounter, only swapping with the second tank when hit with Wing Buffet, which reduces threat and knocks the target across the room. You tanks should keep their backs to a wall at all times (typically the gate to the left of the Lashlayer fight), one one the left-hand side, and the other to the right.

All of your melee classes, as well as some of your healers, should position themselves out of the boss' LoS to avoid receiving additional Shadow Flame stacks (from Onyxia's Cloak), while casters do the same on side of the room filled with traps.

In addition, your tanks should players in your raid to ever face the boss, as Flame Buffet inflicts heavy fire damage to those subjected to it. Finally, ensure that your healers can see and are in range of your tanks, as bad positioning can wipe your raid.



Firemaw's Clutch

Claw of the Black Drake

Scrolls of Blinding Light

Drake Talon Pauldrons

Ring of Blackrock

Natural Alignment Crystal

Shadow Wing Focus Staff

Rejuvenating Gem

  • General Information
  • Razorgore & Velastrasz
  • Path & Lashlayer
  • Mobs & Firemaw
  • Ebonroc & Flamegor
  • Chromaggus
  • Nefarain
  • Raid Sets, Professions

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