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UPDATE: LoL/TFT Patch 9.14 delayed a week

You were wondering why Teamfight Tactics is collapsing under patches while League of Legends seems to be forgotten? Don't worry, the 9.14 Patch is coming, but it will be delayed by one week — causing it to be released three weeks after the 9.13 Patch.

Our Top 10 champions for ARAM!

Do you love ARAM? Yes, you do. You even wonder why some League of Legends players don't like it. But do you really know which champions dominate the Howling Abyss? Find the answer in our article below!

Rift Rivals 2019: Team "The Avengers" Liquid spare NA blushes

Europe's G2, Fnatic and Origen won 3-1 in the Rift Rivals 2019 Finals, proving once again that the old continent still dominates the new. However, a special mention goes to Team "The Avengers" Liquid — who couldn't save America despite three victories.

Rift Rivals 2019 - Day 2: it's a sad day for NA.

The days follow one another and are not the same. After a real underpants-down on the first day, NA finally woke up last night and manage to snatch 3 victories against Europe.

Clash is back! (on the PBE)

The League of Legends tournament mode, Clash, comes out of the shadows. After weeks of balancing and working, Clash is back for a test phase, but only on the PBE.

One-trick Garen player reaches Challenger on NA!

While League of Legends currently has 144 champions, one-trick pony (OTP) players limit themselves to just one. With no less than 4.6 million Mastery Points on Garen, a player named "Riste" has just reached the threshold of Challenger.

9.13 Patch notes: say hello to Qiyana and Teamfight Tactics!

Check out the notes from the 9.13 League of Legends patch! In its suitcases, the new champion Qiyana, the event Arcade 2019: ULTRACOMBO which will be accompanied by 4 new skins, some object and champions balances... and the new permanent game mode, Teamfight Tactics.

Riot Games announces its projects for the end of the year!

In the latest "Riot PLS" video, the chief producer New001 takes stock of the past year and unveils the latest news to come on League of Legends for the end of the year. We should soon see a new launcher, the release of Teamfight Tactics and an event for the 10 years of the game.

Season 9 Teemo's changes are going down the drain!

For several cycles on the PBE of League of Legends, the most beloved (hated?) of the Yordle regularly underwent a wave of significant changes. Today, the cleaver has fallen, Teemo's spells will not be changed... for now.

More Arcade skins in the PBE servers

Find out regular updates about the PBE patches, the changes in test which will be later implemented in the League of Legends live servers. We break it down from balance changes to skins and reworks.

League of Legends soon available on mobile?

According to several sources, Riot Games and Tencent Holdings Limited, the chinese giant specialist for internet and mobile services, have been working for over a year to develop a mobile version of League of Legends.

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