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Elden Ring: Pushing a boss to sacrifice himself is possible!

Speed records and cheats are piling up in Elden Ring. Amid speedruns and other "no hit" runs, some players share their weirdest gaming experiences with us. Today: a boss who commits suicide when entering his second phase.

Elden Ring finally available on Nintendo Switch?

While Elden Ring is a huge success on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, could it be available soon on Nintendo's console? On social medias, a Switch version of the game was seen. Reality… or scam?

Elden Ring: Soon a new new feature?

Many secrets have crept into the Underworld, and there may be many more yet to be discovered. A Twitter user would have discovered in the hidden files of the game the existence of a bestiary… Project to come or to be abandoned?

Can you play Elden Ring on the Steam Deck?

While Elden Ring is establishing itself as a worldwide success, a few problems had been reported by players on Steam Deck. Elden Ring and Steam's portable console, compatible or not?

Elden Ring: a shameful attack on an important NPC!

In Elden Ring, it's possible to attack NPCs, most of whom aren't very friendly and retaliate when hit. However, some players have tried to attack one of the most harmless characters in the Underworld...

Elden Ring: Playing with Sonic is possible!

If there is a character that we would not have thought to see in Elden Ring one day, it is the famous blue hedgehog of Sega, Sonic. Indeed, thanks to the ashes of war, players have managed to create what may well be the most unusual attack in the game.

Elden Ring: Soon to be the victim of safety issues?

While almost two months ago, FromSoftware shut down the online PC servers of most Dark Souls titles due to hacking, it appears that other games from the company are affected by a certain vulnerability. Is Elden Ring in danger?

Elden Ring: The secret passage that requires 50 hits really exists

It's a fascinating and terrifying discovery that has been made in FromSoftware's game. There is at least one illusory wall in the Manor that requires attacking it dozens and dozens of times before opening. One can logically fear that there are others.

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