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Elden Ring: From Software's masterpiece will close the SGDQ

Elden Ring was a huge hit and a number of gamers tried their hand at speedrunning. Between passion and relentlessness, some have managed to achieve remarkable times and that is why you find Elden Ring within the SGDQ.

Elden Ring: Has the speedrun reached its limits?

The speedrun is a discipline very practiced in Entre-terre. While it had the wind in its sails in recent weeks, records are becoming increasingly rare and it does seem that speedrunning on the Elden Ring is running out of steam. But why ?

Elden Ring in VR, what does it look like?

A developer has just created a VR mod for FromSoftware's latest game, Elden Ring. So set off to discover the vast world of the Underworld in total immersion… at your own risk!

Elden Ring: They recreated the game... on a Game Boy!

When a game performs this well, it's common to see ports to different platforms. Generally more modern consoles. This is not really the direction that this streamer wanted to take when he decided to recode Elden Ring for his old Game Boy, and the result is stunning!

Elden Ring: Malenia becomes a nightmare again with patch 1.04

The most difficult boss in the game that has become emblematic thanks to an intrepid player and his pot on his head, Malenia has not finished talking about her. Released recently, patch 1.04 reinforces the Blade of Miquella and perhaps puts an end to the career of Let Me Solo Her...

Elden Ring: Speedrun now under 6 minutes!

Is there just a limit to the relentlessness of Elden Ring players? While the speedrun records seemed to have more or less stabilized for a few days, a player managed to pass a new level: complete the game in less than 6 minutes. What is the next step ?

Elden Ring: From now on, impossible to miss the tutorial

In a FromSoftware game, getting rid of the tutorial is rarely a good idea, even for Souls-like regulars. In Elden Ring it was until recently possible to skip this step to get started directly in the game. It's now over, the tutorial becomes a must.

Elden Ring: What are the most downloaded mods by the community?

RPGs are usually dream lands for modders and their followers because many elements can be easily modified. Faced with the massive enthusiasm for Elden Ring, the game was sure to get a lots of mods too. But which are the most popular?

Elden Ring: patch 1.04 massively overhauls spells

On April 19, Elden Ring got an update and here are the 1.04 patch notes, with the list of all the changes. This update corrects many bugs, but it mainly balances spells and incantations.

Elden Ring in less than 9 minutes? Easy.

Elden Ring exploits continue! Distortion2, an avid speedrunning streamer on FromSoftware's game, did the unthinkable by completing the game in under 9 minutes. A new record that redistributes the cards between the different speedrunners in the game.

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