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Elden Ring: Go back in time and play the SNES version!

While we thought we had seen everything with the Gameboy demake of Elden Ring, the developers of the 64-bit studios have developed a more than retro version, on SNES! Immerse yourself in an Entre-terre of the 90s, for maximum nostalgia.

Elden Ring x Minecraft: A Steve vs. Margit fight?

Elden World is the crazy project of several Minecraft map developers. The goal: to reproduce (almost) the entirety of the Underworld on Mojang's cubic game. Minecraft players, you too will soon have the opportunity to discover the Underworld in a totally unusual way!

Elden Ring: Discover FromSoftware's game on Gameboy!

This is unheard of ! An independent game creator has just produced a demake of FromSoftware's latest game on a retro Nintendo console, the Gameboy. Get ready to dive into a pixelated Entre-terre thanks to the Elden Ring demake!

Elden Ring gets its throne back without any difficulty

While FromSoftware's latest game, Elden Ring, has been out for almost four months, it looks like it doesn't want to disappear from the charts anytime soon. So much so that it regained its number 1 position, ahead of industry classics!

Elden Ring: A modified boss cutscene got the fans hyped

After the last updates of Elden Ring, various changes are now quite visible from the original game and a cutscene change of one of the major bosses of the game that aroused the curiosity of players. Why did FromSoftware change it?

Elden Ring: From Souls-like to survival game, there is only one mod!

If you thought Elden Ring was too easy, this mod is definitely for you! A modder by the name of Grimrukh has just created a survival mod, which adds to your adventure in the Underworld. To survive, you will have to find food, drink, but also make your weapons!

Elden Ring: A real co-op mode finally available!

You're not dreaming, it is now possible to explore every corner of the Underworld with others! All thanks to a mod created by LukeYui, which lifts the limits of cooperation in Elden Ring and thus allows you to fully share your adventure.

Elden Ring: The official guide is coming soon (and we really need it)

For all the Shardless who want to know everything about the Underworld, this Elden Ring guide is for you! Over its 592 pages, you will discover all the secrets of FromSoftware's latest game and will therefore be able to go on an adventure more or less serenely.

Elden Ring DLC: How will Hidetaka Miyazaki hurt you?

Elden Ring has an incredibly rich story and universe that players have barely begun to explore. While waiting for official announcements, we go over some ideas and topics that could be used in future content.

Elden Ring: A new official figure for record sales

Bandai Namco's financial report offers new insight into the success of FromSoftware's latest title. As expected, the Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin creation easily exceeds 10 million units sold.

Elden Ring: Everyone gets involved, even Elon Musk!

It seems that Elden Ring fever has touched more than one celebrity. Indeed, the future owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, has confessed to being a big fan of FromSoftware's latest game. He even revealed his combat techniques to be able to survive in the Underworld!

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