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All about Reyna, Valorant Agent: Abilities & more

All about Reyna, Valorant Agent: Abilities & more

Reyna is the eleventh agent available in Valorant since the official release of the game. The sulfurous Mexican mercenary can heal herself thanks to orbs she collects from the corpses of her enemies. Unconventional but effective methods!

All about Reyna, Valorant Agent: Abilities & more

In Valorant, Reyna is a mercenary with very special methods. Also known as the Souls Poacher, she has the power to retrieve orbs of life from the corpses of her ennemies to heal herself and even become invincible. She has a role of heal duellist similar to that of Phoenix with his Hot Hands and Blaze abilities.

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Consumes the life force of a slain enemy to make you invisible and invulnerable for a short time.


Consumes the life force of a slain enemy to restore your HPs.


Sends an ethereal and destructible orb that reduces the field of vision of all enemies who look at it.



Puts you into a murderous trance that gives you Quick Fire and makes enemies more visible. Succeeding in an elimination refreshes the duration of the effect.

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Gameplay Overview

As a duelist, Reyna's role will be to take the lines and the first kills that go with them to launch the offensive. She will also be the ideal agent for anyone who wants to have the initiative to attack or defend a point thanks to two of her abilties which allows her to regenerate her life bar and become immortal for a short time. They both require soul orbs that can only be found on the corpses of her opponents thanks to her Passive. These orbs only appear for a few seconds, and to retrieve them Reyna will have to make herself vulnerable.

Eyeing allows her to launch a purple orb that will blind the enemies within range. This is the only ability that doesn't require soul orbs to be activated. However, it doesn't work as a classic flashbang since it can be destroyed by opponents. In short, Reyna is very strong but also very difficult to play. You have to be able to trust your teammates to make full use of her kit, but once she's mastered the Mexican could well wreak havoc and completely overturn the game's meta.

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Clémence LEMOAL
Clémence "Idril" Lemoal

La Anton Ego du jeu vidéo.

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