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The various features of the online experience in Death Stranding

The online features of Hideo Kojima's next game have some specific features that it is good to understand before launching the game, especially with regard to the need or not to have a Playstation Plus subscription to enjoy it.

Death Stranding: Meet the enemies and monsters

You will get your share of fighting in Death Stranding. Although Hideo Kojima's new game is not a pure TPS game, you will still have to face monstrosities as well as hostile humans. Here is the bestiary and some explanations.

The story of Death Stranding explained

That Death Stranding is bizarre and incomprehensible is something that has become a meme since Hideo Kojima first announced the title at E3 2016. However, we now have enough information to deconstruct events and help you understand the synopsis.

Everything we know about Death Stranding's Bridge Baby

One of the strangest elements of Hideo Kojima's new game is the baby carried in a pod by Sam Bridges. Here we look at its purpose, link to the story, and how to care for it between deliveries.

Everything we know about the map in Death Stranding

Death Stranding takes place in a miniature and post-apocalyptic version of the USA, on a map divided into 3 main areas that players can modify by adding points of interest through multiplayer.

The transport system and vehicles in Death Stranding

Death Stranding's main character, Sam, will not always have to walk. He will also be able to use different means of transport to relieve his poor feet and deliver more goods across the USA. Here is an overview of what Hideo Kojima has concocted.

MHW Iceborne: A delirious Resident Evil 2 collaboration

Capcom loves its improbable crossovers, this time it's the turn of Resident Evil with particularly appealing content, especially if you don't like the assistant either. Zombie costumes as well as Mister X costumes will be available.

PS5 & Project Scarlet leaks reveal dev kit name and new details

The website Gizmodo published an article on the upcoming Sony and Microsoft consoles, with leaks of their features, as well as elements on the Devkit of the Playstation 5, named Prospero. The main focus is on information on the integration of cameras dedicated to streaming.

Destiny 2: Beginner's guide on New Light & Shadowkeep

With the arrival of free-to-play on Destiny 2, many players will arrive on the game. We tell you everything you need to get started with tips, advice and tricks to get started in Bungie's MMO.

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