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Leaks reveal the first banners of 2.8!

Version 2.8 of Genshin Impact is fast approaching, and datamining from Reddit is already announcing the color on the first character banners! A most coveted hero is about to make a comeback.

Cyno, next playable character on Sumeru?

The implementation of Sumeru on Genshin Impact is expected for this summer. And one of the first playable characters to hail from this region might just be Cyno. A little focus on this rather mysterious scholar.

Official Dendro color and interface leaked!

Tick tock, tick tock... The time for the arrival of the Dendro element is fast approaching, and you can feel it in the leaks. Yesterday, the very first images of the effects of this attribute appeared. As you might expect, it's green, and it echoes nature!

We finally know the exact release dates of patches 2.7 and 2.8

After several weeks of silence due to the health situation in Shanghai, Hoyoverse has finally released its live presentation of patch 2.7. This will therefore occur with a certain delay, but the publisher has this time confirmed a date for good! And that also applies to 2.8!

Here is Heizou gameplay and stats in Genshin Impact

Expected with version 2.8 at the earliest, Heizou has been the subject of new datamining. Stats, skills, constellations, attacks... A complete focus on this future character is now available. Just what it takes to find out if any primo-gems are worth saving for him.

Hoyoverse teases a new game, Genshin Impact little brother

Genshin Impact is kind of slow these days with the delay of version 2.7, but that doesn't stop Hoyoverse from working on other projects like Honkai Star Rail or even a mysterious title called Zenless Zone Zero which is teased through a rather strange site.

Genshin Impact might still be in the works

While the Covid situation is complicated in China and update 2.7 is delayed the Genshin Impact team seems to still be working on the switch version of the game

Will Collei ever be a playable character?

As the manga explains, life has been unkind to Collei's character. Since her earliest childhood, fate has dogged her, and people mistreat her. Only her friendship with Amber seems to warm her heart.

Tower of Fantasy: a new competitor for Genshin Impact?

If you like Genshin Impact, there are other open-world games that may catch your eye, and Tower of Fantasy could very well be one of them. This title could even be one of the very direct competitors of miHoYo's game.

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