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Arcane: Soon news of season 2

Even if we know that season 2 of Arcane will not arrive before 2023, the wait may seem long. And very good news since we should learn a little more about the second season of the series inspired by the League of Legends universe during Geeked Week organized by Netflix in June.

A major update for Zeri on the PBE

Zeri has been one of the most problematic champions in League of Legends since the launch of Season 11, and Riot Games is preparing a wave of changes to reduce his power. Find out all the tweaks to his abilities and what the developers plan to do.

LoL: the feat achieved yesterday by ShowMaker

While all eyes were on the MSI Finals, ShowMaker was training for the LCK Summer Split. This allowed him to achieve an incredible performance, the statistics of which surprise analysts.

LoL: What is a RIOT ID and what is its purpose?

This little-known feature can be very useful for managing your collection of Riot Games games. It allows you to easily link your exploits on League of Legends, and on Valorant, while guaranteeing the possibility of meeting the people who have been added as friends on these titles.

LoL: An Error Reveals The Game's Next Big Event

League of Legends officials in Korea have thrown the game into shambles by unveiling patch 12.10. In a video compiling the changes, the developer included footage of an as-yet-unannounced skin and hinted at the big event of the summer.

LoL: A former Fnatic Pro makes a cute move after a game

League of Legends does not have the reputation of being a game for pleasant encounters. Competition puts players under constant stress, and their diplomatic skills are usually nil. Nevertheless, this former Fnatic player showed great kindness to a mate.

Bel'Veth Abilities Revealed at MSI

Riot Games showed off Bel'Veth gameplay for the first time. The new League of Legends champion appeared by surprise during the MSI 2022 live, revealing some very interesting details about her abilities.

LoL: You can't play DWG KIA and smoke and here's why

DWG KIA is looking for a new coach to support its League of Legends team. In addition to being qualified and competent, the structure asks candidates to be non-smokers... A rather rare clause in the industry and in general!

LoL: Why is Bel'Veth so long to come into the game?

Bel'Veth, the next champion of League of Legends has been teased for months but is still quite mysterious today while Riot Games usual champion reveal should have told us more already, but why?

LoL: The complete Bel'Veth spell kit could have leaked

We finally have new information on the next champion of League of Legends! Bel'Veth's abilities have been leaked by the community, and now we know all the details about Riot Games' 160th MOBA Champion.

Why has Faker never played at home before this MSI?

The stat has surely made its way onto your Twitter feed if you're a League of Legends fan. For the first time in his career, Faker will participate in an international tournament at home, in Korea. But how is this possible when the GOAT is so experienced and won so much?

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