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LoL: LCS Spring Split MVP joins Fun Plus Phoenix

In the competitive League of Legends, it is not uncommon to see players leave the Asian championships to go into exile in North America. Those who go the opposite way, especially in teams aiming to at least play for the podium, are much rarer.

0 kill in 34 minutes in competition? Welcome to LCK!

In League of Legends, everything can go very quickly and it's not uncommon to see real stomps, especially among professionals. But Korea obeys a different logic and we had the right to a somewhat long match with a very late First Blood... a bit broken, but very funny.

Nilah, the new champion, made official on video!

After leaks and the first official teaser, Riot Games has therefore confirmed the arrival of the 161 League of Legends champion. Check out Nilah, Joy Incarnate, which will be played as ADC and is expected to arrive in Summoner's Rift with patch 12.12.

A first official teaser for the next champion

While Bel'Veth has just landed in the Summoner's Rift, Riot Games is already starting the teasing of its future League of Legends champion. The famous short-range ADC presented as a water Yasuo should arrive much sooner than expected.

Riot Games games join Game Pass

Microsoft and Riot Games have announced a partnership project that will provide great benefits to players of League of Legends, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, TFT or Wild Rift. Find out all the benefits and how to get them.

More medium range updates for old champions

Riot Games has opened the door to a path full of past champion updates, while reducing the number of annual releases in parallel. A situation that has been confirmed by the chief producer of League of Legends champions, but which depends on a number of conditions.

The price of the new mythical chromas creates controversy

With the next League of Legends patch, a new type of cosmetics will arrive: mythical chromas, which in addition to a new coloring, will bring new visual effects. However, the community is very unhappy with their price.

LoL: Riot Games appoints a new Chief Gameplay Director

The biggest changes regarding the future of the most popular MOBA on the planet are not necessarily those announced with great fanfare by the publisher. With the appointment of a new Lead Gameplay Producer, League of Legends could well take a big turn in the coming months.

The name and release date of the next ADC already revealed?

As we've only just welcomed Bel'Veth to Summoner's Rift, we're already wondering when the next League of Legends champion will arrive. The wait should not take too long and the famous water ADC promised by Riot Games should soon point the tip of its nose.

LoL: LEC Summer Split Tickets Are On Sale!

As League of Legends competition in Europe resumes next week, Riot Games has just announced some very good news. Spectators will once again be able to physically attend LEC matches in Berlin.

The new Fantasy Shop skin is coming soon!

The all-new League of Legends fantasy store will soon be getting an exclusive new skin. After Pyke for its launch, Riot Games has just unveiled the second champion who will receive an ash knight skin, and it is none other than Pantheon!

Séraphine AP carry, still too powerful?

At the beginning of the year, Riot Games wanted to give Seraphine more power in the support position – but everything did not go as planned. The singer always excels at the position of AP carry on League of Legends, and even Riot Games advises to play it like this.

Are the bots ruining the solo queue?

Bots have always existed on Leaue of Legends, especially in Coop vs AI games. But did you know that you can also come across them in ranked? And yes, and they are not there to help you.

LoL: A Riot Games error reveals the new next skin for Ahri

One of the qualities of League of Legends is the quality of the videos made to promote the game. Only by wanting to do too well, mistakes happen. That's what happened in Pride Month video, where a visual rework was noticed.

Are Lucian and Ahri really OP in the pros?

The MSI is over and if some will especially remember the victory of the Chinese in RNG, graphics card eaters and stats lovers will also notice that two champions finished the tournament with 100% attendance. Are Ahri and Lucian that strong in League of Legends?

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