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The 2022 Worlds break a new record despite a less followed edition

League of Legends Worlds 2022 is now over and a new king has been crowned. Despite broadcast times that were not very suitable for many fans, viewers were there. If overall, the 2022 edition does less well than 2021, the final set a new audience record.

Elyoya, Jankos... Inflated transfer prices in LEC?

During the transfer window, the numbers fly in all directions. Elyoya and Jankos, two of Europe's top League of Legends junglers are making headlines right now. They have not (yet) been transferred, in particular because their market value is very high!

LoL Worlds: the best esport in the world?

Breathtaking, incredible, majestic... There is no shortage of words when talking about the final of the League of Legends Worlds. The ceremony was exceptional and we had chills live from the Chase Center. We may be a little biased, but for us, it really is the best esport.

Will Faker retire after Worlds 2022?

Every season finale, League of Legends esports fans wonder if it's time for Faker to retire. We go through the player's statements and all available clues to try to determine what he will do after Worlds 2022.

The champion who finally gets a new skin after 1000 days of waiting

Taric leaves the list of champions with the most days without a skin in League of Legends after approaching 1000 days without a new appearance. The Astro groove theme kills two birds with one stone, since Ornn, close to 700 days, will also have a new cosmetic.

Little controversy for the Worlds final and its broadcast

The League of Legends community is eagerly awaiting the Worlds finale. This year, Korea will be in the spotlight with an unexpected but story-rich clash between T1 and DRX. But before the match begins, Riot has had a little controversy over the terms of distribution.

LoL: The future rework of Rell has leaked!

Riot Games has been working for months on updating the skill set of Rell, one of League of Legends' less popular recent champions. Today, the work appears to be nearly complete and details of his new abilities have been leaked.

Worlds 2022, T1 or DRX? Who played the most games this summer

Who will be the most tired for the Worlds final this year? If over the season T1 has played more matches than DRX, the differential is completely reversed if only the Summer Split is taken into account. Deft and his teammates will therefore have to draw on their reserves.

Patch 12.21 arrives tonight!

The League of Legends Season 12 Patch, Patch 12.21 has been announced for Tuesday-Wednesday night! It will therefore be live on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

Riot Games has fixed its buggy abusive anticheat

A few days ago, hundreds of League of Legends players spoke out about being unjustly banned from the game. A bug related to the "Hearthsteel" item was pointed out, but in the end the explanation was been found elsewhere.

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