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Huni's career in danger due to injuries!

Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon hasn't always won during his career, but everywhere he went, he still managed to win the hearts of fans. Unfortunately, her career is now in danger and she could stop dead...due to recurring injuries.

Faker's heroic move that saved his team

During an LCK match, Faker came to the rescue of his team showing the world that he was still one of the greatest players on the planet. He did so with a prodigious move that secured Baron Nashor against all odds.

LoL: Faker writes his legend with a new record

Faker has always been the most iconic player in League of Legends. The T1 mid laner wrote history again by setting a new record: he became the very first player to score 500 LCK wins.

A team forced to apologize for leaking scrims

Competition in League of Legends is also a race for innovation and information warfare. The structures try to find new strategies and to prepare as well as possible before the matches. However, a team leaked data... they had to apologize as a result!

LoL: Who are the most banned champions in the game?

A question was asked on a social network: do you ban a particular champion, or do you adapt according to your previous experiences? The response was unequivocal, and ultimately not very surprising. To analyse.

AP Zeri, the new big problem created by Riot Games?

Recent changes to Zeri have become a problem for many players, and it's a very difficult mistake for Riot Games to explain. The developer introduced in League of Legends an ability very similar to the one they just removed.

Rogue in Olympic form in the LEC?

The start of the summer was complicated for Rogue, who lost his first two games after the restart. But since then the team has bounced back with an impressive winning streak. Its League of Legends is fluid and the ambitions are real. Is it finally time for the title?

Streamer Ninja recruits Doublelift to his team!

Ninja and MrBeast had promised very heavy for their showmatch League of Legends (Ultimate Crown). They have started to reveal their respective line-up and the Fortnite star can count on a reinforcement of choice... Doublelift, multiple LCS champion has joined his squad.

Are apps giving out too much in-game information?

Applications around League of Legends are more and more numerous, however, some players feel that they give too much information. Two in particular, which indicate the cooldowns of summoner spells in play, are at the center of a new controversy.

After 1936 days of hardship, a team defeats its nemesis

On League of Legends, players and fans are fond of numbers and statistics. Yesterday, a Chinese team managed to break a sad "record"... After spending 1936 days losing against a certain opponent, they ended up overcoming the curse.

LoL: How long does it take to level up in League of Legends?

Time is money. Or LPs. Following various posts on social networks, it is possible to calculate the average time it takes for a good player (with a winrate above 50%) to climb a league (from gold to platinum for example) on League of Legends. Spoiler: it's long.

When Auto-Tune comes to save the LPL

Professional League of Legends players are packed with talent and on Summoner's Rift they can do it all. On the other hand, being a challenger in soloQ does not guarantee being a challenger in real life. LPL players proved it by singing...

LoL: did the mini patch change anything in soloQ?

Last week Riot Games released patch 12.12b for League of Legends. The goal was to correct some problems of 12.12, without necessarily applying big changes. What was its impact on soloQ? Answer in this article.

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