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Riot mistakenly unveils Ahri's new artwork

The League of Legends UK account has released an image of Ahri's new artwork. At first glance, there are hardly any substantial changes, but it is true that looking at the image more closely, we can see some interesting changes.

LoL: What is the worst stat to buy in League of Legends?

Many objects are available in the Riot Games moba, each providing various statistics. To calculate their effectiveness, we generally calculate between their total cost, the amount of stats provided, and their liabilities. However, some stats are much more useful than others.

LoL: Two former Moscow5 were scammed by their respective teams!

On League of Legends, the fate of certain players can sometimes remain linked, even when they no longer play on the same team, or even the same league. In the case that interests us, the players would have done well without seeing their destinies echoing one another.

Ocelote, still boderline on Twitter after leaving G2

After creating a controversy on the networks, Ocelote in a more or less constrained way distanced itself from G2, its structure. Some would have kept a low profile to return later to the front of the stage (League of Legends, Valorant, CS:GO...). But that's not Carlos' style.

LoL: Another format change for the LEC in 2023?

The LEC will change for League of Legends Season 13. If Riot Games has already formalized the first major changes, other new features should also be announced, including weeks with three days of competition instead of two.

LoL: A leak would reveal future Prestige skins!

The latest leaks suggest that Sivir and Lissandra will be the two League of Legends champions who will get a Prestige skin in the coming months. Moreover, this leak went further and even the theme of the skins would have been revealed.

The Korean Impact signs in his 6th NA team!

Jeong "Impact" Eon-young is of Korean nationality, but it's been a long time since we've seen him play in the LCK. The toplaner, who we see regularly at Worlds, has indeed represented the NA region since 2015... This will still be true in 2023, given that he has signed for a 6th LCS structure!

No temporary game mode for the end of the year!

Many players were eagerly awaiting the arrival of League of Legends patch 12.23. Not for the changes they were making, but because Nexus Raid Mode had to return. Unfortunately, due to the game's code spaghetti, the developers couldn't deliver on their promise.

LoL: Should Riot Games review their Death Recap?

The summary of one of your deaths in League of Legends is supposed to help you understand what happened to you, what spell you should avoid, or what items to buy to counter it if possible. But it doesn't always work as it should.

LoL: A Chinese player's cry of despair.

Although Tencent owns Riot Games and therefore League of Legends, do not believe that Chinese players are treated better than others. It even seems to be the opposite, given the post of a desperate player on Western social networks.

After Pyosik, another world champion would sign in NA

DRX failed to hold onto their nuggets after their League of Legends Worlds title. The majority of players went elsewhere and Pyosik even signed in North America, with Team Liquid. We recently learned that he probably won't be the only one making the trip to the LCS.

LoL: A player gets a new XXL contract in NA at C9

North America has the reputation of being a real El Dorado on League of Legends and the structures of the region like to offer big contracts to players to attract them. Star players are taking advantage of this and one of them has signed an XXL contract with Cloud9.

New Year's skins already revealed!

League of Legends received its last update of the year with patch 12.23, but Riot Games is already planning next season. The very first skins of the year 2023, those of the new year, have already been presented to the community.

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