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LoL: Riot Games postpones the most anticipated rework

Riot Games has officially confirmed the postponement of the redesign of Aurelion Sol, which will not arrive until the beginning of season 13 and will not give any news by the end of 2022. a decision assumed by the studio which wants a spectacular rendering for the Starsmith.

LoL: Prices tattoo duration, the crazy numbers of Rekkles

Carl Martin Erik "Rekkles" Larsson is a key figure on the League of Legends scene but also on the networks. Well identifiable with his tattoos, he gave some details in stream that will delight his biggest fans.

LoL: The Koreans, in semis of Worlds, as per usual

This year there will be 16 Korean holders out of the 20 possible in the semi-finals of the Worlds. Their presence in large numbers has become a real habit over the years. But with 16 representatives, we have not yet reached the record.

Catastrophic audience-level Worlds?

The beginning of the Worlds of League of Legends had set the trend and unfortunately, the latter has not been reversed for the moment... Audiences are down compared to the previous edition. And when we look at the figures, we can speak of a small disaster.

LoL: Yamato Confirms Riot Games Rules Require Players to Know All Bugs

Following the bug seen in the Top Esports vs. GAM match, several community voices criticized the League of Legends publisher for its inaction on these flaws. Yamato points out that players must be aware of all bugs in League of Legends due to a point in Riot Games' policy.

The Chinese victims of the biggest drama of the Worlds?

The days pass and the anger does not fall on the networks. Top Esports reportedly suffered a massive glitch in their loss to GAM, prompting their elimination. While a response from Riot is expected, it's radio silence for now.

Ocelote Banned After Drama For Truly Weird Duration

The sanction fell and after its investigation, Riot Games decided to sanction Ocelote, the former CEO of G2 Esports, following the Andrew Tate drama. What is more surprising is the duration of the sanction, which should cause a lot of ink to flow.

LoL: An American rapper for the Worlds 2022 anthem?

While League of Legends Worlds 2022 kicks off at the end of the month, Riot Games still hasn't revealed the competition's official anthem, but early rumors point to a first name, and not of the least.

LoL: Worlds 2022 skin revealed

It's tradition, at each League of Legends World Championship, its own dedicated skin! And this year, it is the terrible emperor of the sands, Azir, who has been chosen by Riot Games!

A 1v1 game mode is coming... but not in League of Legends

You may have heard about it in the past few days, but a new game mode is coming... to Wild Rift. A special mode, probably permanent: 1v1. An addition that did not go over very well with the League of Legends community.

A new Chinese superteam under construction?

On League of Legends, superteams often leave you thinking. Theoretically, they make fans dream and salivate. But in fact, many are disappointed and some do not hesitate to speak of a curse. However, that does not prevent structures from trying again.

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