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Iron, Gold, Diamond... How is the soloQ divided in June?

Ranking in League of Legends is a sensitive subject. Many players chain Ranked to climb the ladder and reach higher divisions. Everyone has their own dream and sets their own goals. At the bottom, we find the players ranked Iron... How many are there?

Small change of destination for Worlds 2022

Prevention is better than cure. While the global pandemic is not yet completely resolved and there are still cases that are wandering everywhere, Riot Games has decided to take precautions. League of Legends Worlds are changing their destinations a bit.

Would Riot have a problem with its new champions?

Over the past few months, Riot Games has chained releases, with varying degrees of success. Each new champion received numerous changes right after release, an issue that is once again illustrated through Nilah, who just received a nerf on the PBE.

LFL player suspended for toxicity

League of Legends is an incredibly popular game. But there is a big black point known to all... The toxicity of his community. High or low elo, the crazy race for LPs can drive anyone crazy. This scourge also exists among the pros and an LFL player has been suspended.

End of the fantastic series for T1 in LCK

After 24 straight wins, Faker and his family folded today in LCK. The very long series of T1 therefore ended against Kwangdong Freecs who won 2 to 1. But the Summer Split is still far from over.

LoL: He criticizes Riot Games and is offered a job!

A member of the League of Legends community has created a gigantic post criticizing all of Riot Games' events, claiming that they "have always been pretty bad". To his surprise, one of the company's founders responded by offering him a job.

LoL: A new record for Faker and T1!

All records are made to be broken one day. Nevertheless, it can get boring when it's always the same ones who beat their previous exploits. Faker and his T1 team managed to break one of their old records on this LCK day.

A new record for Fnatic Hyllisang in the LEC!

Zdravets "Hylissang" Iliev Galabov is a brave among the brave in the League of Legends scene. At 27, the Support is a veteran and he has had time to leave his mark on the LEC during his long career. Last weekend, he again broke a new record!

LoL: Udyr's rework shouldn't take too long

League of Legends will wrap up one of its most intense seasons in years with the release of the Udyr revamp, one of the most anticipated new features of Season 12. We're reviewing Riot's clues for determine its release date.

LoL: Here are all the new Star Guardian skins

Star Guardians are making a comeback in League of Legends. Riot Games has a major event in store for us – an event which of course will bring with it a plethora of new skins from the theme.

Ninja vs MrBeast, record cash-prize for a showmatch

MrBeast and Ninja are internet heavyweights. They create a lot of content and have totally disproportionate communities. The two have decided to join forces for a project that will amaze many: a League of Legends showmatch. The event promises to be legendary.

This summer's Star Guardians event is announced on video

Do you like Star Guardian cosmetics? Good news, they're back for the big League of Legends summer event. Riot Games has shared a first cinematic that gives some hints as to which champions will be taking part.

1800 gold with a single kill... We enjoy the LEC

In League of Legends, we watch the kill counter a lot. But to know who really has the advantage, it makes more sense to look at the spread in gold. This weekend, we had the right to a little madness with an elimination that brought in more than 1800 gold cash!

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