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LEC: Hans Sama: "Rogue is my best chance"

After a stalemate in Misfits Gaming the french carry AD distinguished himself in his new team during the first matches of League of Legends' first week of the LEC Spring Split.

NA Twitch Rivals: TFBlade's Limit Test emerge victorious

Twitch Rivals officially started Team Draft, their first League of Legends competition of 2020. Eight captains drafted their teams out of a pool composed of streamers and pro players to compete for $75000. Groups, standings, results — everything you need to follow the competition is in this article!

LEC 2020 Finals are coming to Budapest and Malmö

During the press conference preceding the LEC's 2020 season kick-off, Riot Games revealed the venues for the year's two finals. The Spring final will be held in Budapest and the Summer final in Malmö.

LEC: Team Vitality also hit by visa problems

It's not the first time League of Legends players have had visa problem. After Broxah in the LCS, Team Vitality's Serbian signings Milica and Yoppa have been added to the list of players waiting for a visa. Saken and Doxy from academy side Vitality.Bee will stand in for the start of LEC 2020.

A new format for LEC Playoffs

In 2020, like the LCS, the LEC decided to adopt a completely new format, particularly in terms of playoffs and championship points, for the second season under its new brand.

Patch 10.2 notes: A big nerf for Aphelios

Sadly, Wukong rework won't be shipped with patch 10.2. However, we can comfort ourselves with Aphelios nerf and with the Dragonslayer and Guardian of the Sands skin families.

LCS Spring Split 2020 Preview

The League of Legends Championship Series returns for another season, with the Spring Split 2020! Last year, Cloud9 seemed to be the only team that could rival with Team Liquid. Will Doublelift and his teammates dominate once again?

LEC: Spring Split 2020 Preview

The return of the LEC is fast approaching and the window transfer, as every year, brought its share of changes. Is G2 Esports still the dominant force on the Old Continent?

Behind Team Liquid's Broxah situation, the unending annoyance of visa issues

Danish jungler Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen, signed by defending LCS champions Team Liquid, has not yet received the green light to play from the American authorities. His coach, Eugene "Pobelter" Park, will take over his position while the Worlds finalist waits for the appropriate visa.

Caps and Perks role-swap for 2020 LEC Spring Split

What seemingly started as a joke has become reality: G2 Esports stars Perkz and Caps will swap positions for the start of the upcoming League of Legends European Championship Spring Split.

Eternals System to be released later this year

Riot Games are back with another Dev Video, loaded with content, trailers, and teasers of the League of Legends year to come. Like the previous video, they even tease some super-secret feature with a riddle...

Sneaky leaves Cloud9 roster to pursue streaming career

The news dropped recently and was almost obvious with the announcement of Zven joining Cloud9, but Sneaky himself confirmed it: the ADC player won't renew its contract with the premier NA organization for the upcoming season. However, his story with Cloud9 doesn't stop here...

Season 10: Prestige Points and Skins return with a new system

Prestige points are now inherent to the League of Legends and allow, among other things, to unlock prestige edition skins. Riot Games have just revealed its plans for prestige points for the first half of the year 2020 and the next upcoming skins.

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