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How many skins will be presented during the collab?

Another leak concerning the crossover between Fortnite and DBZ has just been released! Dataminers are indeed sure that only four skins will be added to the game. But the number of emblematic Dragon Ball characters is immense, and the predictions are flying...

Faker's heroic move that saved his team

During an LCK match, Faker came to the rescue of his team showing the world that he was still one of the greatest players on the planet. He did so with a prodigious move that secured Baron Nashor against all odds.

LoL: Faker writes his legend with a new record

Faker has always been the most iconic player in League of Legends. The T1 mid laner wrote history again by setting a new record: he became the very first player to score 500 LCK wins.

PlayStation: "Lifetime" content permanently removed from libraries!

If the PlayStation Store offers often renewed and interesting content for PS4 and PS5 users, it is not exempt from significant controversies. And precisely... Sony is giving us a very nice one this summer with the withdrawal of more than 300 films and series from the users' library!

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