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Rogue in Olympic form in the LEC?

The start of the summer was complicated for Rogue, who lost his first two games after the restart. But since then the team has bounced back with an impressive winning streak. Its League of Legends is fluid and the ambitions are real. Is it finally time for the title?

CS:GO: NBK resumes service before the ZEvent!

Nathan "NBK" Schmitt needs no introduction. The Frenchman is a CS:GO legend and he has won many tournaments during his career. However, he has been inactive for several months and some people were talking about retirement... But the old veteran is back in competition!

Nintendo Switch: A new model is coming next month!

The Nintendo Switch was released in 2018 and since then we have had the right to a multitude of versions, whether Lite, OLED or the classic, there is something for everyone and today, the Japanese firm has unveiled the next edition of its console.

The Elden Ring killer is coming to Xbox Game Pass!

Who says new month says new games and new releases for the Xbox Game Pass catalog. For this month of July, Peppa Pig is coming to Xbox consoles, as well as Road 96 and Power Wash! We take you up to date on what's new.

Streamer Ninja recruits Doublelift to his team!

Ninja and MrBeast had promised very heavy for their showmatch League of Legends (Ultimate Crown). They have started to reveal their respective line-up and the Fortnite star can count on a reinforcement of choice... Doublelift, multiple LCS champion has joined his squad.

Will Dehya be a 4 or 5 star character?

One of Sumeru's upcoming female characters is melting the Genshin Impact community! Dehya seems to eclipse the other headliners hailing from the patch 3.0 region, and its degree of rarity is debated among leakers.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball: the unexpected crossover may happen

According to the latest leaks, you may soon be able to put headshots with Goku on Fortnite! Through the implementation of patch 21.20, several DBZ-related files were unearthed this morning. If the project succeeds, it will be one of the biggest collaborations in the history of the game.

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