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Elden Ring: A Complete Hardcover Guide Coming Soon

Notice to collectors: a paper version of the Elden Ring strategy guide will soon be released. Two volumes full of information on the different facets of the game are planned to help you cross the Underworld as calmly as possible!

Are apps giving out too much in-game information?

Applications around League of Legends are more and more numerous, however, some players feel that they give too much information. Two in particular, which indicate the cooldowns of summoner spells in play, are at the center of a new controversy.

Diablo Immortal: Honest Game Trailers Doesn't Hold Back

As the days go by, the defenders of Blizzard's latest title are becoming fewer and fewer, while the incriminating elements pile up ever higher, and the studio remains silent. It's the turn of the YouTube channel specializing in brutally honest trailers to get started.

After 1936 days of hardship, a team defeats its nemesis

On League of Legends, players and fans are fond of numbers and statistics. Yesterday, a Chinese team managed to break a sad "record"... After spending 1936 days losing against a certain opponent, they ended up overcoming the curse.

LoL: How long does it take to level up in League of Legends?

Time is money. Or LPs. Following various posts on social networks, it is possible to calculate the average time it takes for a good player (with a winrate above 50%) to climb a league (from gold to platinum for example) on League of Legends. Spoiler: it's long.

WoW: After Game of Thrones, one of the actors launches his career on Twitch!

If Game of Thrones has allowed some actors to make a name for themselves in the cinema world, it seems that the famous series is also launching careers on Twitch. One of the actors of the series will indeed launch his first stream this Monday, July 4, and he does not intend to stop there!

LoL: did the mini patch change anything in soloQ?

Last week Riot Games released patch 12.12b for League of Legends. The goal was to correct some problems of 12.12, without necessarily applying big changes. What was its impact on soloQ? Answer in this article.

When Auto-Tune comes to save the LPL

Professional League of Legends players are packed with talent and on Summoner's Rift they can do it all. On the other hand, being a challenger in soloQ does not guarantee being a challenger in real life. LPL players proved it by singing...

Thet install DOOM on a Mc Do terminal

The scene could be even funnier if it weren't oddly banal: someone else installed DOOM on an unlikely machine. A practice not so marginal as that, since it has even become a hobby for part of the community.

Nintendo Switch: 5 games on sale to have fun this summer!

Summer has already been here for a few days and you may be looking for a game to keep you busy during your vacation when you took your Nintendo Switch. We suggest you find a selection of games on sale that can help you pass the time.

Iron, Gold, Diamond... How is the soloQ divided in June?

Ranking in League of Legends is a sensitive subject. Many players chain Ranked to climb the ladder and reach higher divisions. Everyone has their own dream and sets their own goals. At the bottom, we find the players ranked Iron... How many are there?

Twitch: A donation of 100,000 for the birthday of a streamer

Life as a streamer on Twitch is not easy, contrary to what some might think. But, we must still recognize that on the platform, there is often a lot of money circulating. Recently, a streamer received 100 K... just for her birthday!

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