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LoL: A new record for Faker and T1!

All records are made to be broken one day. Nevertheless, it can get boring when it's always the same ones who beat their previous exploits. Faker and his T1 team managed to break one of their old records on this LCK day.

PlayStation, SquareEnix... The industry is not done with NFTs

While the NFTs took a monumental slap a few weeks ago, it seems that some studios are far from abandoning them. Between new studios, open world around NFTs and blockchain projects, let's see how the video game industry gets involved in this controversial concept!

A new record for Fnatic Hyllisang in the LEC!

Zdravets "Hylissang" Iliev Galabov is a brave among the brave in the League of Legends scene. At 27, the Support is a veteran and he has had time to leave his mark on the LEC during his long career. Last weekend, he again broke a new record!

LoL: Udyr's rework shouldn't take too long

League of Legends will wrap up one of its most intense seasons in years with the release of the Udyr revamp, one of the most anticipated new features of Season 12. We're reviewing Riot's clues for determine its release date.

A leak tells us more about the release of Scaramouche!

The long-awaited Fatui is once again being talked about! Its release is approaching, and a dataminer has detected the patch during which we will see Scaramouche appear, as a boss and then as a banner character.

Fortnite soon in collaboration with a famous horror game?

Fortnite is a game for everyone, but it could soon be expanded with a crossover with a horrific game: Dead by Daylight. According to dataminers, the partnership would be "two-way", with a DBD skin to appear on BR, and a nod to Fortnite on their horror game.

Elden Ring: Go back in time and play the SNES version!

While we thought we had seen everything with the Gameboy demake of Elden Ring, the developers of the 64-bit studios have developed a more than retro version, on SNES! Immerse yourself in an Entre-terre of the 90s, for maximum nostalgia.

the community angry at Riot for its policy on new skins

The League of Legends community has shown their displeasure with the direction the developer is taking in releasing the skins. Many players feel ignored and don't feel like their opinions are heard.

LoL: Here are all the new Star Guardian skins

Star Guardians are making a comeback in League of Legends. Riot Games has a major event in store for us – an event which of course will bring with it a plethora of new skins from the theme.

Nintendo Direct: It's finally here and here's what to expect!

Last week, we had the right to an exclusive direct to Xenoblade Chronicles 3 which will be the flagship game of July for the Japanese firm, but nothing prevented Nintendo from making another presentation shortly after. This time, it will be dedicated to partners.

A glitch knocks off Kuki Shinobu's mask!

Freshly landed on Genshin Impact, Kuki Shinobu is talking a lot about her, and in particular because of her style of dress. Several players have also been confronted with a strange bug, which literally removes his mask!

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