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Genshin Impact: The Dendro element on video!

Genshin Impact update 2.8 is coming this week, but miHoYo already introduces us to the major element of version 3.0 which will allow players to experience the Sumeru region. In addition, the studio formalizes the characters of the Dendro attribute which had been leaked for some time.

A team forced to apologize for leaking scrims

Competition in League of Legends is also a race for innovation and information warfare. The structures try to find new strategies and to prepare as well as possible before the matches. However, a team leaked data... they had to apologize as a result!

Diablo Immortal: Blizzard CEO defends game monetization

Despite the repeated scandals and the many criticisms aimed at D:I microtransactions, Mike Ybarra maintains his position and lists his arguments in their favor. For example, the fact that it is possible to complete the entire campaign for free, as an F2P player.

LoL: Who are the most banned champions in the game?

A question was asked on a social network: do you ban a particular champion, or do you adapt according to your previous experiences? The response was unequivocal, and ultimately not very surprising. To analyse.

PS5: MMOs again honored by Sony?

Meanwhile, Sony Interactive Entertainment has quietly filed a new patent for an MMO processing system for the PlayStation 5.

AP Zeri, the new big problem created by Riot Games?

Recent changes to Zeri have become a problem for many players, and it's a very difficult mistake for Riot Games to explain. The developer introduced in League of Legends an ability very similar to the one they just removed.

Valorant, Overwatch... Teabagging could be banned and punished!

Who has never teabagged an enemy who was on the ground after inflicting a few bullets on him, I repeat, who has never done that? True culture in the middle of the video game and in particular in the FPS, it could be that this practice will soon be prohibited everywhere...

Pokémon GO: Buggy boosters that give rare cards and more!

Pokémon GO is now available in the trading and trading card game and some lucky ones have been able to find booster packs containing several Radiant cards. Bug, fake or luck? It's up to you to judge, but we come back to this phenomenon through this news.

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