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Diablo Immortal release suspended in China

Originally scheduled for June 23, the arrival of Blizzard's F2P MMO in China has been postponed indefinitely following what appears to be the suspension of its license. Rumors and theories about monetization and banning on social media could explain this.

Diablo Immortal: Wyatt Cheng Talks Legendary Rates

The discovery of invisible rates and caps all over Blizzard's F2P MMO has made players wary, and many believe that you can't find more than a certain number of legendary items and sets per day or even per week. The game director tries to clear things up.

1800 gold with a single kill... We enjoy the LEC

In League of Legends, we watch the kill counter a lot. But to know who really has the advantage, it makes more sense to look at the spread in gold. This weekend, we had the right to a little madness with an elimination that brought in more than 1800 gold cash!

Warzone: The return of Zombies in season 4?

Only a few hours left before the launch of Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard. And if the Zombies mode of the Sledgehammer Games title will benefit from new features including the Shi No Ma map, it could be that the Battle Royale welcomes some zombies …

LoL: LCS Spring Split MVP joins Fun Plus Phoenix

In the competitive League of Legends, it is not uncommon to see players leave the Asian championships to go into exile in North America. Those who go the opposite way, especially in teams aiming to at least play for the podium, are much rarer.

0 kill in 34 minutes in competition? Welcome to LCK!

In League of Legends, everything can go very quickly and it's not uncommon to see real stomps, especially among professionals. But Korea obeys a different logic and we had the right to a somewhat long match with a very late First Blood... a bit broken, but very funny.

Fortnite x Naruto: the new skins confirmed by a pub in Japan

This puts an end to the suspense concerning the next volley of Naruto skins on Fortnite. In Japan, an advertisement presents all the outfits that can be purchased during the second collaboration with the famous manga.

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