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WoW Classic: Phase 4 release date, Arathi Basin, Zul'Gurub

All World of Warcraft: Classic Guides
WoW Classic: Phase 4 release date, Arathi Basin, Zul'Gurub

Today is the day! Zul'Gurub and the Dragons of Nightmare will finally be playable from 18:00 ET on Thursday 16 April 2020. Check out all our Phase 4 guides here, including our Zul'Gurub raid guide!

WoW Classic: Phase 4 release date, Arathi Basin, Zul'Gurub

Not long after the release of the rest of Phase 3 in WoW Classic's roadmap, which notably included Blackwing Lair, Blizzard announced the following: Arathi Basin will be available from March 10, 2020, while Zul'Gurub and the Dragons of Nightmare (Emeriss, Lethon, Taerar, and Ysondre) will appear in the game from April 16th 2020.

Arathi Basin

Arathi Basin is the last Battleground to be released in WoW Classic. It is a 15v15 capture point arena that can be accessed from Level 20. Arathi Basin pits The League of Arathor (Alliance) against The Defilers (Horde) in a battle over resources in this bountiful valley; you actions will decide who gets to reap the rewards from this Battleground!

Arathi Basin will be available from March 10.

The League of Arathor
Alliance Faction
The Defilers
Horde Faction


Originally released in Patch 1.7: Rise of the Blood God, Zul'Gurub is the ancestral home of the Gurbuashi trolls in Stranglethorn Vale. Unlike other raids in WoW Classic, Zul'Gurub is a 20-man encoutner and rewards players with items between Molten Core's Tier 1 and Blackwing Lair's Tier 2.

The assault on Hakkar the Soulflayer's lair begins on April 16, 2020 at 18:00 EST.

Hidden in the jungles of Stranglethorn, an ancient Troll city full of peril has been uncovered. Do you have what it takes to delve into its mysteries with a band of hardy explorers? There’s only one way to find out! Zul’Gurub is a high-level, 20-man raid instance with 120 new rare and epic items to uncover. Adventure awaits!

Hakkars of Darkness — A Guide to Zul'Gurub

Zul'Gurub is a Raid in World of Warcraft Classic. We'll take you through all you need to know about the dungeon, such as how to enter, raid quests, bosses, and loot.

Tier 1.5 sets

With Zul'Gurub being added to the game, 9 new class sets will now be available. These Zul'Gurub Sets are commonly known as "T1.5" and are best known for catering to some overlooked and underplayed specs. They're also designed for PvP, making them well worth your while!

Here is our complete list of each class's T1.5 set:

Haruspex's Garb
Predator's Armor
Illusionist's Attire
Freethinker's Armor
Confessor's Raiment
Madcap's Outfit
Augur's Regalia
Demoniac's Threads
Vindicator's Battlegear

The Nightmare Dragons

Known for their ferocity, this Green Dragon quartet offer max level players new items and extraordinary challenges. All four of these dragons were once guardians of portals to Emerald Dream, but have now succumbed to the Emerald Nightmare and now set out to bring their nightmarish terror to Azeroth's denizens.

Emeriss, Lethon, Ysondre, and Taerar will awaken on April 16th at 18:00 EDT.

Something is amiss in the Emerald Dream. Immense dragons with the shimmering emerald scales of the Green Dragonflight have been sighted guarding the portals at the Great Trees. These once-noble creatures crawl with a new, strange menace, not the peace for which Ysera is known. Bring many allies should you dare to confront them; their powers are formidable and they will not hesitate to crush any who draw near.

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza

The Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza is a grand new event set along the coasts of Stranglethorn Vale. Early on the appointed day, friendly neighborhood goblins will visit Ironforge and Orgrimmar to inform aspiring anglers of the grand tournament and give instructions. At the appropriate time, the shout will ring out across Stranglethorn to bait your hooks and cast your lines!

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