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The next season unveils rather disturbing first teasers

The teaser for the next Fortnite Season 4 begins this weekend. Certainly with great leaks rather than in the official way, but all the same! BR's next opus, called "Paradise", begins with a series of very disturbing trailers...

Fortnite finally has a Secretlab gaming chair in its colors!

Until now, Fortnite fans weren't particularly spoiled for gaming chairs, and with the exception of a few custom-made copies, it was difficult to show your passion for BR simply with your chair. But since the partnership between Fortnite and Secretlab, everything changes!

Will Elon Musk buy Fortnite? The rumor swells again!

The most famous billionaire on the planet would he have set his sights on Epic Games, after the failure of negotiations to buy Twitter? Fortnite fans strongly believe in it! It's time to take stock of the rumors in vogue.

Buy ALL the skins of the game, how much does it cost?

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most prolific games in the world, when it comes to skins. It's simple: Epic Games makes sure to release new cosmetics almost every day. But what is the amount of the bill, if we buy all the cosmetic content of the game?

When is season 4 coming out?

It has been known for some time when the next season 4 of Fortnite will be released. And in the home stretch that separates us from the upcoming episode on the BR, the leaks are more precise on the time of the deployment of the shift!

A crucial leak about the next season's battle pass has emerged

The Spider-Man universe will remain very close to Fortnite during the next season 4! Several dataminers have confirmed in the evening that Spider-Gwen will be one of the skins on display for the upcoming battle pass. Miles Morales will probably not be very far either!

Twitch: A former porn star banned from a Fortnite event!

Ex-porn star, the young actress by the name of Adriana Chechik was unable to participate in the Twitch Rivals Fortnite No Build event, due to her past which, it seems, would cause problems … This is it really justified? We will try to answer it.

John Cena in the shop, but until when?

By collaborating with superstar John Cena, Epic Games has achieved a masterstroke, and the skin resulting from this partnership is on the way to becoming the most oconic of all this season 3, already rich in attractive cosmetics. But the wrestler will soon disappear from the shop!

Fortnite: Soon a collaboration with an American blockbuster?

Once again, it seems that Epic Games' Battle Royale is benefiting from a brand new collaboration, and not just any! An event would indeed be on the road, an event featuring the very famous Transformers franchise. We tell you more.

When does the Fortnite summer event start?

Summer is already well advanced, but Epic Games is slow to formalize its big summer event on Fortnite. Do not panic, this one will take place this month, via the next update 21.30. You are given the date of its deployment on the servers.

How many skins will be presented during the collab?

Another leak concerning the crossover between Fortnite and DBZ has just been released! Dataminers are indeed sure that only four skins will be added to the game. But the number of emblematic Dragon Ball characters is immense, and the predictions are flying...

Fortnite x Dragon Ball: the unexpected crossover may happen

According to the latest leaks, you may soon be able to put headshots with Goku on Fortnite! Through the implementation of patch 21.20, several DBZ-related files were unearthed this morning. If the project succeeds, it will be one of the biggest collaborations in the history of the game.

Fortnite soon in collaboration with a famous horror game?

Fortnite is a game for everyone, but it could soon be expanded with a crossover with a horrific game: Dead by Daylight. According to dataminers, the partnership would be "two-way", with a DBD skin to appear on BR, and a nod to Fortnite on their horror game.

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