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All you need to know about Tekken 7 Online Challenge Japan

Find the programs, information, dates, times, notable players, stream and results of the Japanese stage of the Tekken World Tour 2020. Exhibition matches are also scheduled on Saturday morning (UK Time)/ Friday evening (NA Time), pitting the best Japanese players against the Korean titans.

SNK will give more details on KoF XV in January

While we were without real news of the future opus of the cult King of Fighters saga, the Japanese publisher SNK has just teased that big announcements will be made in January. The third season of Samurai Shodown has also been teased.

SNK share transfer leads to takeover speculation

Known among other things for their King of Fighters license, SNK could be taken over the investment arm of the Saudia Arabian royal family after it acquired a 33.3% stake in the Japanese publisher.

All you need to know about Capcom Pro Tour Online US West 2

Find the programs, information, dates, times, notable players, stream and results of the second stop of the Western United States of the Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 on Street Fighter V. The last place for the Capcom Cup is at stake!

The most played Street Fighter V characters in October.

We are going to come back to the most used characters in online mode on the Capcom title, as well as those with the best win ratio. In September Ryu, Ken and Akuma were the most played, while E. Honda, Urien and Ed were the most efficient to earn online points.

Tekken 7 Season 4 patchnote, the 4.0 is now live

Normally announced for November 10, the Tekken 7 season 4 patch got live today. New features, stages, rank and character are now available for the players, as DLC 16 and 17. Online play is enhanced with rollback.


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