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LoL Patch 10.6: One For All release date and tier list

LoL Patch 10.6: One For All release date and tier list

With Patch 10.6, one of the funniest mode of League of Legends will make its big comeback to the Rift: the One For All! Who are the best champions to win? Which one is the funniest?

LoL Patch 10.6: One For All release date and tier list

Introduced in 2013, the One For All is — along with the ARURF — one of the craziest League of Legends modes. If you're not familiar with it, you'll understand pretty quickly as this mode is pretty similar to a classical Sumonner's Rift game — except than instead of playing five different champions, all players from each team will be playing the same one.

As all League alternate mode, the One For All is temporary and it's been a while since we have seen it in the client — but it's just around the corner and will hit live on March 26.

One For All offers the possibility to witness incredible actions that you never saw before. Five identical ultimates synchronized to unleash tons of damage to the same hopeless enemy, or a train of unkillable bruisers freely diving behind turrets without even caring.

However, the League of Legends tends to be a pretty crowded arena with the 148 champions to be picked of and it's quite hard to determine which are the bests or the worsts. Sadly, the One For All mode is temporary, meaning that we furthermore don't have that much time to try everything.

We drew from our time in the Rift some ideas to make sure you get the most out of this mode — not only by winning but also by having fun.

The Classics

League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends

Fancy to see the ultimate wombo combo? Then all of these champions are made for you. Beware, they also need cohesion with your teammates to reveal their true potential...

  • Ahri will allow you to constantly charm your opponents, sometimes bringing them back under your turrets.
  • Annie: Five Tibbers form a pretty heavy army — and it's absolutely hilarious if you're all using the Annie-versary skin..
  • Ezreal: Tons of damage, tons of skillshots, and the possibility to unleash waves upon waves of Trueshot Barrage make the Prodigal Explorer a true classic.
  • Jarvan IV: While it might seem obvious, five Cataclysm casted at the same time tend to transform any lane into mayhem — and that's precisely why you should try it.
  • Lux is pretty much the same as Ezreal except than you can also snare anyone during ages. If there is any champion to remember from this list, it's probably her.
  • Morgana can also snare, but she can also stun with her AoE ultimate while being unaffected by crowd control. Pairing five of her in the Rift promises an incredibly fun game.

The Overpowered

League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends

If you're playing in premade or if you manage to find a proper cohesion for your team, these champions will be completely unstoppable and you'll be able to crush the Nexus of your opponents in no time. However, they tend to become quite boring after the first game since you're almost guaranteed to win.

  • Dr. Mundo goes wherever he pleases. Five Dr. Mundo still go wherever they please, and it's absolutely impossible to stop them when they team up.
  • Five Heimerdinger can summon fifteen turrets in the same place. End of the point.
  • Jax is supposed to be the Grandmaster at Arms, which theoretically makes him the strongest champion of the League. While this remains to be proved, all experienced players already know how powerful and unstoppable one Jax can be — now just imagine five of him.
  • Karthus is the best example of this category as he becomes immediately boring to play after the first game. With a bit of timing and cohesion with your team, you can one-shot the entire enemy team just by pressing R.
  • Malphite, especially when he's played AP, can turn a whole teamfight thanks to one well-placed ultimate. Firing five Unstoppable Force at the same time — and sometimes on the same target — is completely overpowered and tend to transform teamfights in a mere hunt for the twentieth kill.
  • Wukong's ability to juke thanks to clone makes him of the most obnoxious champions to play against, but his real strength lies in his ultimate. Five synchronized Cyclone can inflict massive damage while not being able to respond — at all.

The Obnoxious

League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends

Although these champions are super powerful and you might enjoy crushing down your opponents while playing with their nerves, you will feel pretty quickly that they weren't made to be multiplied.

  • Ekko is one of the biggest threats of the current meta, both in the midlane and in the jungle, notably because of his ultimate. Facing five of the is probably one of the worst gameplay experience in the history of the League.
  • Fizz is uncatchable, extremely lethal, and his ability to juke can drive mad the most experienced players. Experiencing five of him is absolutely terrifying.
  • Garen doesn't need anything to be strong except blasting his Demacian Justice to execute anyone. While it seems hard to kill one, defending against five seem absolutely impossible whoever you're playing.
  • Pyke can achieve an impressive number of kills even played as a support, thanks to both his stealth and his ultimate. Facing five Pyke is an absolute pain since you'll be in danger all the time.
  • Teemo is the most hated champion of the League, notably because of his mushrooms. It's absolutely laughable to see someone dying on a mushroom field placed by five enraged Teemo — but, let's face it, it's almost morally wrong.
  • Tied with Teemo, Yasuo is the second-most hated champion of the League — but he's also one of the hardest champions to play. However, if there is only one player of the opponent team that knows how to play him, then you're about to enter hell. If one Gathering Storm hits, expect to see five Yasuo jumping right in the air to obliterate whoever got caught.

The Bad Ideas

League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends

These champions are theoretically insane, but they are in the end pretty disappointing. While you may have a lot of fun, you'll certainly get destroyed.

  • Aphelios is super complicated to play, incredibly squishy and has no movement ability whatsoever.
  • Being able to snipe from far ahead and constantly poke is one thing, but taking objectives is one another — and Xerath only excels in the first.
  • While attaching four Yuumi to one seems to be the smartest idea ever, it's in the end really bad. If you're lucky enough to face a team that had the same idea, then you might live an incredibly fun game — but otherwise, it's going to be quite painful.

We couldn't include all champions in a list that would have been endless otherwise. If you feel we missed a specific champion, feel free to drop its name in the comment section below while explaining why you feel we should include it.

Patch 10.6 Notes: Wukong rework is finally here!

Seven new skins and the long-awaited rework of the Monkey King — Patch 10.6 will bring a big share of novelties to League of Legends!

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